Christians Abolished Slavery!

Image result for image of a slave auction

Historically speaking there have been varied opinions between Christians about slavery but it was ultimately Christians who abolished slavery.

–Conservative Christian

Let me see….

Christians hunted down, captured/kidnapped, and enslaved black men and women from their villages in Africa for hundreds of years.  Christians loaded those black men and women into Christian owned ships and transported them like cattle across the Atlantic Ocean to the predominately Christian Americas.  Upon arriving in the Americas, Christian human traffickers sold those human beings like cattle or horses to (mostly) Christian property owners.  Christian property owners held those human beings as their personal property, sometimes selling off the children of their “property”, and often working their “property” to death as they would any mule.

And then….hundreds of years later…after a bloody civil war mostly between Christians, Christians (grudgingly) ended slavery.

Hooray for Christians!




End of post.


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