No, Evangelical Christian: You Cannot Have a Relationship with a Mute Invisible Being

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Evangelical Christian pastor:   I am heavily invested in a real, live relationship with a real, live Savior, something you have clearly never experienced, so you are incapable of fathoming such, any more than a man born blind could understand a sunset. Just because he cannot see one doesn’t negate the fact they exist. And he can regard all reports, ancient and modern, describing sunsets as superstitious nonsense and personal opinion but his lack of perception has no bearing whatsoever upon reality.

Gary:  Here is the truth, my Christian friend: You have no more evidence for the existence of your imaginary friend than does the emotionally disturbed child who has invented his imaginary friend.

Until you can provide better evidence than warm fuzzy feelings and personal perceptions of miracles (magic), no one should take your claim seriously that you have a “relationship” with the reanimated (resurrected) corpse of an executed first century peasant.





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34 thoughts on “No, Evangelical Christian: You Cannot Have a Relationship with a Mute Invisible Being

  1. Those who have “obeyed that form of divine which was delivered to them,” have received the Lord Jesus. Those who haven’t, haven’t.

    All of your supposed criticisms have an exterior format, as though being a Christian is a matter of conformation to an outward behavior or an inward ideal – neither of which substitutes for the Lord Jesus Himself, (Who leads into all godliness, both outward and inward.)

    Therefore, since you have been actually repented if the very thing God has condemned, (namely, your very self,) you continually look to it as agency for your salvation.

    And it doesn’t work like that, (which is why God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.)

    People who UTTERLY forsake themselves, (like surrendering truly from the heart rather than from the mind,) make progress with God.

    Those who don’t, don’t.


      1. “since you have been actually repented if the very thing”

        have not repented of the very thing.

        (Would be nice to be able to edit a reply after it’s submitted.)


    1. I don’t suppose some traumatic /emotional issue on the back of cultural/religious indoctrination could have anything to do with the fact you are Christian and not Muslim, for example?


      1. Done so many times. You’re not interested because you don’t like Him.

        Every building has a builder, and every creation had a Creator.

        And you failed in doing what God commands you to do, (which is surrender, UTTERLY, and receive Jesus,) substituting it for something more to your liking, where you get to hold on to some semblance of power in this arrangement.

        (And that power of yours is going to hell according to it’s DEEDS.)

        “As you judge, so shall you be judged.”


        1. “Gary, you need to surrender, UTTERLY, and receive the resurrected Lord Jesus without demanding good evidence to believe he exists.”

          Sorry, RC, that is what uneducated, ignorant people do. Believing without seeing (evidence) is not “blessed” it is STUPID. Modern, educated people demand good evidence before believing a very extra-ordinary claim, such as the very extra-ordinary evangelical Christian claim that the ghost of an executed first century peasant lives somewhere inside their bodies.

          If there is a Creator, he (she, they, or it) gave me a brain! I am not falling for your superstitious nonsense, no matter how hard you shake your tom toms and threaten me with eternal doom.


          1. I don’t threaten you with doom, I WARN you of it.

            It’s obvious you can’t do the right thing no matter have hard you try, so you give up and say, “no God.” Nothing to be worried about. Wish fulfillment that can never work.

            You’re corrupt, vile, and condemned in your own sight, (at least in everyone else’s sight.) Those who know you know you can’t keep yourself clean, (and so like Cain, you go after those who ARE clean.)

            You don’t enter in and you seek to prevent anyone else from entering. (Which isn’t helping anyone.)

            Actually, is good you reveal yourself so fully and attract the unclean as you do. The devil always trademarks his wares and you are no exception.

            Sorry you’re such a child concerning righteousness and an adult concerning sin. I encourage it, actually. Will make your destiny all the more fulfilling.

            Sin wisely.


              1. I’m born again. I spend my time thinking how to get others to think about the Judgment.

                Unless people like Hitler get a free pass.


  2. And what exactly is ‘reasonable’ about your mumbo jumbo, O reasonable Christian?

    ‘Everyone’ doesn’t see Gary as ‘corrupt, vile, and condemned’, so there’s another fallacious statement on your part. What garbage you talk. Isn’t it time you started your own blog to spread the good news that we’re all destined for Hell, rather than trolling this one?


    1. Oh, can’t stand the heat so you should leave the kitchen, eh? Said “Gary” invites inspection and debate on his proposals and you whine if someone challenges him. Most telling.

      “Gary” cannot stand the constitutional muster of his allegations, in that he continually retreats into a childish shell of “prove it, prove it,” while refusing to consider evidence contrary to his godless beliefs. (And the peanut gallery chimes in.)

      The evidence for God is OVERWHELMING, as there for be no consideration thereof without highly advanced observational equipment that all of us amazingly seen to have. God has indeed allocated us a brain and all its concomitant reasoning abilities, (“He that has an ear, let him hear.”)

      What we choose to do with that is on us. There is no escape for the one who judges, because “thou that judgest doeth the same.”

      And our judge is JESUS, first to last, front to back. Comprehensive and conclusive. You’ve been warned.


      1. I do not deny the existence of a Creator.

        Now, please provide good evidence that your god, an executed first century peasant, is the Creator. Your warm fuzzy feelings and your subjective perceptions of acts of magic (miracles) are not going to cut it with people who have a college education.


        1. I have a college education, (as though that meant anything.) Seeing that God provides the same salvation to the educated as well as the ignorant.

          (And has your knowledge helped you put away your sins, Gary? Inquiring minds want to know.)

          The evidence presented in the Bible is overwhelming, but primarily its focus on SIN, and its subsequent salvation through Jesus. Those that have received Him on HIS terms have discovered its truthfulness. Those that haven’t, haven’t.

          Sufficiency is in the eye of the receiver, and those who are FORSAKING their sins in honor and obedience to Jesus show the reality of all of His words and result. It is EVIDENCE that Jesus truly saves.

          For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.
          1 Peter 2:15 KJV


          1. The evidence may be “overwhelming” to you, RC, but evidence is not classified as “strong” or “weak” based on one person’s opinion. The fact is that most of the claims related to Jesus’ alleged resurrection are disputed by the experts. Even the empty tomb is disputed. You are certainly welcome to believe that the evidence is overwhelming, but your opinion is not of much value to educated people. Educated people want to know the consensus of experts. And there is no consensus of experts regarding the alleged resurrection of Jesus. It is a highly contentious claim. For instance, we have zero uncontested eyewitness testimony of anyone seeing and talking with a resurrected body. This is why you won’t find the resurrection of Jesus listed in public university world history textbooks as an historical fact.

            The bodily resurrection of Jesus MAY have happened, but the evidence for this alleged event is no better than the evidence for the supernatural claims of many other religions. It is very weak,


            1. And may I add … just because it “says so” in a book that was written several thousand years ago does NOT give it “overwhelming” credibility.


            2. The empty tomb made its mark on those who saw it, and the risen Lord Jesus confirmed His resurrection. And their lives, COMBINED with their message, had power to convert thousands from their sins.

              Thanks be unto God for the forgiveness of sins! (Rather then a blanket denial of them.)

              Praise God for the destruction of the ungodly, for their misery will have no end!

              Amen. Amen.


              1. The problem is, RC, that the Empty Tomb Story may just be a story (fiction). Historians are divided as to the historicity of this event. You may feel the evidence is overwhelming that there really was an empty tomb, but your non-expert opinion (as well as my non-expert opinion) does not count for much among modern, educated people.


              2. @ Reasonable Conservative
                Next to the cross, the tomb of Jesus would be deemed the most crucial archaeological artifact of the Christian faith, and, unlike the cross, which would have been destroyed either by time or by re-use, the tomb would not have succumbed. In fact, it would be fair
                to assert would have been revered and preserved by the disciples, Jesus’ family and later, followers of the Way, and later still, Christians.
                What archaeological information is there that positively identifies the tomb?


            3. The evidence that you cannot keep from sinning is beyond OVERWHELMING, it’s undeniable.

              So why don’t you start with that, rather than shift the blame to “insufficient evidence for a risen Savior?” Would probably be a very short post.

              “I can’t keep from doing it.”

              A man is a slave to whatsoever has mastered him.

              And yet Jesus of Nazareth never sinned, even once. (And if He is fictitious, how do four sinful men independently construct the perfect man?)


                    1. He did not sin because He chose not to. And there is no evidence that He did do. And the Bible says expressly, “He did no sin.”

                      And God raised Him from the dead, thereby proving both His deity and His impeccability.

                      (And, because I’m born again and have His living testimony within me.)

                      And why would you reject the testimony of a sinless Man, seeing it is UTTERLY unprecedented.


                    2. So I should believe that one man did not “sin” just because an ancient book and your subjective feelings say so?? That doesn’t sound like good logic. I suggest you take a course on critical thinking skills, RC. You should have valid, sound arguments to support your positions.


                    3. You’re rich.

                      Your own conscience can tell if He sinned or not, (just like you use it to judge EVERYTHING.)

                      And how many sins does it tell you He committed?


                    4. Yep. You don’t know anything about thinking critically (logically).

                      I cannot have a rational conversation with someone who is simply going to rant and rave. I will ignore your comments from now on.


                    5. Bingo.

                      He disengages when the conversation doesn’t go as planned, and runs away like a little boy, (which didn’t take long.)

                      The conscience is the repository of the moral code that all men mutually have in common. (See Genesis 2 for details.) It informs us of what is right and wrong, and is itself always true.

                      Its perception, however, can be altered according to how one responds to it. A person either has a soft or hard heart based on whether he listens to his conscience or not. (Is this too irrational for you, Gary?)

                      And so you set yourself up to be the god of this website, acting as capriciously as you imagine the One True God does, all the while dishing it out but not being able to take it. So manly!

                      And the reality is that you’re a little boy who couldn’t get God to respond to your imagined way of doing things. You set up a god in your heart and earnestly devoted your energies and commitment; until the day you realized He does not accept your vain, inaccurate worship, (oh man,) and like the Cain you are, you’ve decided to DESTROY those that do, (just like him.)

                      And the true God is even now rewarding you according to your works, Gary. You don’t enter in, and you prevent others from doing the same, and God is right now setting you as an example of what not to follow.

                      Your unclean cohorts might approve of your vain works, but those that truly know you see the increase of your lies and darkness of your filth as you become progressively LESS worthy of His love and MORE worthy of His hell. 2Tim 3:13

                      (All because you refused to do it His way and insisted on doing it yours.)

                      Happy evil life, Gary! Couldn’t happen to a better apostate. See ya at the JUDGMENT.

                      (And if you delete this, which you are sore tempted to do, you change nothing, and prove everything of what I’ve said.)

                      “I am against thee, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.”
                      Ezekiel 38:3 KJV

                      (And read to the end, Gary.)

                      “And I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him – an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.”
                      Ezekiel 38:22 KJV

                      (And you know every word of this is true, don’t you?)


                    6. Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaah! Shake those tom toms. Stick your pins into your voodoo dolls. Burn your incense. Chant doom and destruction as you dance around your little bon fire.

                      No one should take you any more seriously than the witch doctor in the jungle pronouncing curses on those who defy his superstitions.


  3. rc, have you ever considered that in each instance of religion GOD imparts the wisdom and knowledge to only one man,i.e Abraham, paul, joseph smith, JIM JONES,DAVID KORESH,L RON HUBBARD?? or that the Abrahamic religions all began in the absolute craziest part of the world(for at least known history), or that the bible can be relatively easily disproven today(note I did not say god) however it would be so easily solved, so much contention and fighting if a true god actually made itself known to the masses.JESUS did say that would happen in that generation, paul said don’t bother to get married because the kingdom is near, and every generation of Christians have been waiting, hoping,and PRAYING for it for 2000 years(and you will be waiting 2000 more, what may remain of Christianity) the book you believe in suggests you should seek the truth, read outside of it

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