The Simplest Christian Can Know that Jesus is Risen by the Testimony of the Holy Spirit

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“The simplest Christian, who has neither the opportunity nor wherewithal to conduct a historical investigation of Jesus’ resurrection, can know with assurance that Jesus is risen because God’s Spirit bears unmistakable witness to him that it is so.”

—William Lane Craig, The Son Rises, p. 8


Gary:  This is why Christians believe, dear Reader.  Strip away their appeals to weak historical and empirical evidence, and they will still believe.  Believers in the Resurrection are absolutely certain that an executed first century peasant came back to life and is currently sitting on a golden throne somewhere at the edge of the universe—ruling as King of the Cosmos—primarily due to their gut feeling that his ghost inhabits their body.  We are dealing with irrational thinking, my fellow skeptics.  Rational discussions regarding evidence will get us no where with these misguided people.  We must address their superstitious feelings and perceptions.




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4 thoughts on “The Simplest Christian Can Know that Jesus is Risen by the Testimony of the Holy Spirit

  1. This notion of sitting on a golden throne at the edge of the universe….Do you think most Christian people think this is literally true or is it a more anthropomorphic way of speaking?


    1. I will bet that the overwhelming majority of Christians over the last 2,000 years have believed this notion literally. Modern, better educated Christians allege it is “anthropomorphic language” because it gives their superstitions respectable-sounding cover.


      1. Gary, I can understand how you might reason in this way.

        But, for me, I think the internal witness of the Scripture, itself seems to indicate the use of things such as metaphor and symbolism. Just to give one example, It is stated in 1Cor. 2:9 that no human mind has conceived the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

        And, yet the Scripture will use imagery such as gates of pearl or streets of gold, etc. to describe what we think of as Heaven. It seems sensible for me to reason that Scripture would use images that might convey to people deeper realities that are really beyond our finite human comprehension and that cannot be fully expressed by human language.

        This is not me trying to give superstitions respectable sounding cover. It seems, well, almost like common sense to me, and I have a struggle understanding how anyone might not perceive this.

        I’m serious.


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