The Gospel of Jesus the Brat

[T]he son of Annas the scribe was standing there with Joseph; and he took a branch of a willow and dispersed the waters which Jesus had gathered together. 2 And when Jesus saw what was done, he was wroth and said unto him: O evil, ungodly, and foolish one, what hurt did the pools and the waters do thee? behold, now also thou shalt be withered like a tree, and shalt not bear leaves, neither root, nor fruit. 3 And straightway that lad withered up wholly, but Jesus departed and went unto Joseph’s house. But the parents of him that was withered took him up, bewailing his youth, and brought him to Joseph, and accused him ‘for that thou hast such a child which doeth such deeds.’

IV. 1 After that again he went through the village, and a child ran and dashed against his shoulder. And Jesus was provoked and said unto him: Thou shalt not finish thy course (lit. go all thy way). And immediately he fell down and died. But certain when they saw what was done said: Whence was this young child born, for that every word of his is an accomplished work? And the parents of him that was dead came unto Joseph, and blamed him, saying: Thou that hast such a child canst not dwell with us in the village: or do thou teach him to bless and not to curse: for he slayeth our children.

–The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, chapters 3-4


Gary:  Scholars are unsure when this “gospel” was written.  Their guess is sometime between the first and sixth centuries, with most scholars thinking it sometime in the earlier part of that period.  Irenaeus, writing at the end of the second century, seems to refer to it.

Even most Christians will agree that these stories are invented fiction.  So what is to say that the stories in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Q are not invented fiction??




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2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Jesus the Brat

  1. So what is to say that the stories in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Q are not invented fiction??

    Totally fair question Gary. During the debates, fights, arguments, hearings, votes, and many Ecumenical Councils from 325 to 787 CE convened by Church Fathers, Archbishops, and Bishops—then not to mention the SPLIT of the Eastern Orthodox Church and our/the Western Catholic Church and the following 14 additional councils into 1965 CE—I sure wish I could’ve been a fly-on-the-wall during those first SEVEN councils, hearing all of the reasons, explanations, and justifications from all those “Holy Greek men” deciding what was God-inspired (Canon) gospels, epistles, and apocrypha were “valid” versus what was less God-inspired or even heretical, from Satan. Wouldn’t that have been a prime seat to understand how “God’s” revelations are dictated by lowly, mortal men, the creatures of the Creator. 😉 😛


  2. ”Even most Christians will agree that these stories are invented fiction.” ‘

    I reckon the more pertinent question should be: Was the Infancy Gospel intended to be read as fiction?
    I am inclined to believe it was not.

    Of course, if it was, then, as you point out, there is no reason to consider the gospels anything other than fiction.


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