Would You Believe the Claim that 500 People Just Saw Elvis?

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On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died — or did he? Almost immediately, the phenomenon of “Elvis sightings” went viral (by ’70s standards), with rumors and tabloid cover stories offering “proof” that the King wasn’t gone.  The 42-year-old King of Rock ‘n Roll passed away in the master bathroom in his home in Graceland, leaving a generation of fans and admirers in disbelief. Elvis had suffered a clear physical decline in the ’70s, but still — dead at 42? It was hard to accept that a combination of poor diet and drug addiction had taken down the icon. And in fact, some people didn’t accept it; to this day, there are people all over the world who believe that Elvis didn’t die, he just had a change of address.  (Continued here)

Imagine this:  A guy from Africa visits your town and tells everyone that Elvis Presley has risen from the dead.  When asked for proof, the man says that Elvis has appeared to the twelve members of his (Presley’s) band and entourage, to the best friend of Elvis, to the brother of Elvis, to five hundred members of the Elvis Presley Fan Club at one time and place, and finally to him.

When asked how many of these alleged eyewitnesses to an Elvis Presley sighting (besides himself) he has met personally, the man says, “two”.  But he adds that if you don’t believe him, most of these eyewitnesses are still alive.  “If you don’t believe me, you can fly to Burundi, in Africa, to interview them and confirm the story.”

Would you believe that Elvis Presley is back from the dead and appearing to people in Africa based on this evidence?

I doubt it.

So why would you believe a similar tale, with the same evidence, for someone who lived two thousand years ago and for which there are NO living (alleged) eyewitnesses to interview?





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2 thoughts on “Would You Believe the Claim that 500 People Just Saw Elvis?

  1. Christian apologists often claim that the resurrection of Jesus need not be taken on faith alone—that there is objective evidence sufficient for a reasonable person to believe that Jesus was resurrected, just as there is sufficient evidence to lead you to believe that Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon. To paraphase the argument, “If the evidence we have from ancient history is enough to convince you that Caesar crossed the Rubicon, then the evidence we have from ancient history should be enough to convince you that Jesus miraculously resurrected.”

    I submit the following proposition in response: “If the evidence we have from ancient history is enough to convince you that Jesus was miraculously resurrected, then the evidence from 19th century history should be enough to convince you that angels delivered the Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book to the Shakers in the 1840’s.” I suspect that most people do not believe that the Shakers actually received divine revelation from angels, but as I will demonstrate, the evidence supporting their claims is quite robust, much more so than the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus we find in the Bible.

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