Evangelical Christian Scholars and Apologists are Peddling Snake Oil

Image result for image of snake oil salesman

“The most frequent way God speaks to me, and, I believe, to most Christians, is through that still, small voice.”   

–evangelical minister and apologist


There is no possible way that Mike Licona, Craig Keener, Gary Habermas, and William Lane Craig can objectively investigate alleged supernatural events involving a dead first century prophet when they all believe the spirit/ghost of this dead man lives inside their bodies, communicating with them in “a still, small voice”…or worse yet…in a voice they claim they can audibly hear!

This is irrational, biased thinking, folks. These people are sincere, good people but they are operating under a MASSIVE delusion. Don’t let the “Dr.” in front of their names bamboozle you. These gentlemen are peddling snake oil—they may not realize it—but that is what it is: snake oil. Telling children and gullible adults that a first century human sacrifice is going to give them life after death in a mansion of gold on a gold paved street in outer space is snake oil!



End of post.


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