When Science and the Bible Conflict, Which Should Christians Believe?

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Conservative Christian apologist:  Science, just like any good thing, can be perverted. As humans, we have a drive to worship God. Many worship idols of human hands or human imagination instead of the Creator. Others worship creation instead of the Creator. However, worshiping anything other than the Creator himself will take us on a wide but twisted path of destruction. Scientism is one such idol, being a false and irrational view of the world. When one follows the Creator rather an idol, one can actually see the world accurately and not in a twisted manner.

Gary:  This is nothing other than the mad ravings of a cult.  “Whatever we say is true, is true, even if science says otherwise.  Trust us not the Scientific Method.  If you put your trust in science when it contradicts the holy faith, you are worshiping an idol.  You are evil. No true believer trusts science above The Good Book.




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18 thoughts on “When Science and the Bible Conflict, Which Should Christians Believe?

  1. That dilemma is similar to heart attacks or prostate/breast cancer—when it happens or is diagnosed, seeing a priest or attending church 4-times a week, or praying will NOT make it go away. All the known best treatments, lifestyle and diet changes, and medical support teams have proven over the last 2-10 decades how to confront it and manage it. The inadequate antiquated Christian approach hasn’t changed at all for the last 1,900 years.

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    1. The thing is, when such lifestyle changes have a positive effect, or even when surgery is required and is successful, our Christian friends consider it was Yahweh that was the guide, be it guiding the dietitian or the surgeon.
      Of course, when patients still die even after preventative measures are instituted or surgery is unsuccessful then we all know the patient did not pray hard enough.
      My own feeling on the matter is that, bloody megalomaniac sum-bitch, Yahweh was on his frigging tea-break and we all know the crap-storm that ensues if he … oops, sorry, He is disturbed.

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      1. … the patient did not pray hard enough … or more likely, there was SIN in the patient’s life!!

        Have you checked out the blog that Mike just referenced in a recent post? About suicide?

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  2. I would posit that clinging to faith in god is the ultimate in definition idolatry. He himself will say god cannot be comprehended, yet they form images of god in order to do just that. The most popular that permeates western culture is the father figure on the throne. You can’t escape the imagery of the monarchical boss and the notepad. Other definitions are just as ridiculous but they cling to that imagery, while faith, the faith of an atheist is a profoundly religious attitude of total trust in letting go. Try that, believers…

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  3. I remember an argument I had with a small group of Lutherans regarding Joshua’s command for the sun and moon to stand still. I pointed out that it was based on a geocentric universe, which Science, a la Copernicus, would eventually prove to be profoundly wrong.

    I got all kinds of responses: from it happened anyway, to God can do anything. When I pointed out, what I thought was a universal truth–it’s the earth’s rotation that makes the sun appear to be whirling around us, then I was told…well, God stopped the earth!

    Eventually, they were willing to admit that the Bible wasn’t in line with proven scientific facts: the earth rotates as it revolves around the sun. But they refused to admit the Bible was wrong. It’s what Sam Harris calls a “conversation stopper.” The sun stopped in the sky because God halted the earth’s rotation. And that’s that. And why do we need to talk about it anymore? They didn’t want to hear what would happen if the earth suddenly stopped rotating.

    I think there should be a new Christian Creed. “I believe in shit that doesn’t exist because well, it just makes me feel good.”

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    1. Of course, the force required to stop the Earth rotating (in order to stop the Sun in the sky) would be catastrophic — killing all life on Earth. And, of course, the force needed to start it up again would be equally catastrophic.

      And if God just made it appear that the Sun stopped without actually stopping the Earth that would make God a liar and the heat of his pants being on fire would torch the Universe.

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    1. scientism | ˈsīənˌtizəm |
      noun rare

      A term applied by theists to people who study, or have confidence in, science. The term is used in an irrational attempt to make science seem as illogical, irrational, and unsupported as theism.

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