Religion: The Most Deadly of Superstitions

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Imagine a world without science.  Imagine a world without reason.  Imagine a world in which every unusual event is seen as the act of a good or evil spirit.  Imagine a world of fear and ignorance.

That is the world of unrestrained religion.

Historically religion has denounced and resisted virtually every major scientific advancement.  Proponents of religion have referred to reason  as a “whore” and insist that superstitious wishful thinking, which they call “faith”, is a virtue.

We non-supernaturalists are engaged in a great, historic struggle.  A struggle against great powers and vested interests.  We are at war with the merchants of fear.  We must continue the fight; for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and many generations to come.  If we are successful, one day, no child will be taught that she will be doomed to eternal punishment simply for what she believes.




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One thought on “Religion: The Most Deadly of Superstitions

  1. I have a bit of fondness and great tolerance for Tibetan Buddhism, in particular Mahāyāna Buddhism. Parts of Mahāyāna Buddhism have general crossover to a few laws of physics and Quantum Mechanics with regard to consciousness and reincarnation. Or they can theoretically align more easily than any other of the world’s major religions. 🙂

    IOW Gary, of the 9 major religions/symbols you show on your blog-header, if I had to choose only 1 religion to allow survival or tolerance on Earth… it’s a no brainer: Mahāyāna Buddhism!!!


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