Why Do So Many Christian Apologists Moderate Blog Comments?

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If you are like me and enjoy visiting Christian websites to challenge Christian beliefs (and evangelize for Reason and science), you probably have noticed how often Christian bloggers restrict comments on their blogs.  They do this either through moderation or quickly banning skeptics who say too much.   Why do Christians do this?  If their beliefs have sufficient evidence to back them up, why worry about the comments of a few skeptics?  Most skeptics do not moderate or censure their blogs.  So why do Christians??  I would bet that it is for two reasons:  One, the apologist is afraid that a Christian who is “weaker in the faith” will be “lead astray” by the skeptic’s comments.  And two, the evidence for this ancient tale is pretty skimpy.  When someone’s reasons for believing something are hard to justify, that person usually doesn’t want to entertain criticism.  I have noticed that the more conservative the Christian blogger is, the more likely it is that he or she moderates/restricts comments.  And if you check out the blogs of fundamentalists, most of them do not allow any comments!

Below is a comment I left for Christian apologist David Robertson, author of “The Wee Flea” blog:


The fact that you moderate comments and refuse to publish comments that point out the massive holes your supernatural belief system is proof that your belief system is not based on evidence but upon your intense emotions involving this belief. Marty Sampson’s [a recent deconvertee from Christianity] emotions dried up and he then saw that there was nothing left validating this ancient tall tale.

There is no good evidence for your beliefs, David. Alleged eyewitness testimony may be sufficient for auto accidents and murder trials, but not for alleged alien abductions or first century dead corpse reanimations. If 500 Hari Krishna’s were to claim that they all had seen a herd of cattle be beamed up into a space ship, would you believe their eyewitness testimony? Of course you wouldn’t. You would think they were all nuts. So why do you believe a two thousand year old claim that 500 Jewish zealots saw a walking, talking, resurrected dead corpse? It makes no sense, David. The only possible explanation is that you so desperately want YOUR fantastical claim to be true.

Your belief rests on very shaky ground, David. Your emotions, perceptions, and subjective personal experiences are not good evidence for any thinking, educated, modern person to believe that a dead first century peasant is the Creator, King of the universe.

Superstitions are not real, my friend.




End of post.

10 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Christian Apologists Moderate Blog Comments?

  1. And did he post your comment?

    I don’t follow his blog but have visited it on occasion via Ark and it seems he’s quite “selective” on who he lets through the gates of conversation.

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  2. Robert WeeFleeFast has moderated out, deleted, about 95% of all my comments offering alternative viewpoints, evidence, and the easy proofs of the highly problematic New Testament. He quickly shut me out for the exact same reason Pastor Mel did, and about 4-5 others…

    They only want butt-kissers and back-patters in their Echo Chamber, which is no different than the Censorship that takes place in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, et al, ad infinitum. All those cultures — and these blogs like WeeFleaFast Robertson’s — demand ONLY conformity to their Monism and Binary-ism. Period.

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  3. Your only welcome on those blogs if you can powerfully imagine what they imagine. If you can do that, you can get high honors by calling that imagination “faith”, which strong faith is merely stubborn pride, believing nonsense when a fact would do just fine.

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  4. Because of his comment My faith is based on solid evidence.
    I have suggested he write a couple of posts identifying the evidence he claims his faith is built upon.

    Similar requests have been met by comments such as: ”Buy my book”.
    Another frequent visitor to his blog , Mark, has told him he has bought and read his book and stated it contains no evidence so I am hoping ( maybe against hope?) that he is prepared to post some of this evidence.

    Who knows? Maybe he will?


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  5. FYI
    Just as many atheist sites moderate and ban- apparently WP thinks its a good tool to have. Some people do not know how to behave, and others are fearful of that which ‘wastes their time,’ or things they cannot defend.

    But there is plenty of blame to go around. Years ago I moderated a guy who sent a comment once every 3 minutes=- naturally if filled the blog with pollution, and it was rather annoying.


  6. Do you think the need to maintain control is part of this?

    I personally think that the more secure people are in their views and within themselves, the less threatened by challenges or people sharing other perspectives.

    But, in all fairness, I think this banning, attempting to drive people away or moderating comments happens on both theists and non-theists blogs as well.

    There are some places that I’ve shared through the years, that I’ve felt as if I was walking on eggshells and commenting on borrowed time.

    And, I really, really do my best to be respectful and not resort to personal attacks or to be unkind

    Sometimes, I’ve thought about starting a blog. But, I think I just wouldn’t have the time to keep up with it and do justice to all the comments.

    My hat is off to anyone who is making a great effort and is up to the task.


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