If Faith is “Trust”, What Does Trust the Size of a Mustard Seed Look Like?

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A mustard seed


Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

–Matthew 17:20

When I was growing up, Christians were proud to admit that faith is “taking a big leap to believe that which cannot be proven”.  Faith is hope.  Faith is hope in things unseen based simply on the promises found in the “Word of God”.  Faith is not belief based on historical and/or empirical evidence as is the case in science, archaeology, and mathematics.  But to today’s Christians, this is ignorant, old-fashioned, fundamentalist thinking.  Today’s more informed, more sophisticated Christians define faith as “trust in the historical and empirical evidence that confirms the life, deeds, and bodily resurrection of Jesus as described in the New Testament”.  Faith is “trust”.  And according to them, everyone uses trust (faith) multiple times a day, such as getting on an airplane or crossing a bridge to go to work.  So Christian faith should be viewed as perfectly respectable in our modern world.

But here is the question:  What does “trust the size of a mustard seed look like?”  Did Jesus really mean that if you put just a tiny bit of your trust in him that you will be able to move mountains or did Jesus mean he wants you to take a big leap of belief based on nothing more than your hope in his promises?  I think the answer is obvious.  Biblical faith is belief in Jesus’ supernatural promises.  Biblical faith is belief in Jesus’ ability to perform magic.

Today’s modern Christians find that definition embarrassing.  So, they dress up faith to make it look like something more respectable—trust.

Jesus must be rolling over in his grave.




End of post.


3 thoughts on “If Faith is “Trust”, What Does Trust the Size of a Mustard Seed Look Like?

  1. In order to do any proper science, you have to have a unit you can measure the subject of your research in. Meters, joules, newtons, grams, etc. help us quantify the world around us.

    The mustard seed is the official unit of faith.

    I’m currently at 0.00001 mustard seeds of faith. But I’m working to eliminate it completely.


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