Is Personal Testimony Sufficient Evidence to Believe that Jesus Answers Prayer?

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Lord Ganesh


Conservative Christian:  Gary, you are confused about prayer. Not surprising in your question-begging and your simplistic atheist skepticism.  You have no real interest at all but to mock and deride.  Neither do you know much about evidence that courts throughout the world rely on. It’s called testimony. Christians down the centuries can and have given testimony to answered prayer, which you will never accept, some of which is through encounter:  conversion.

But it seems that you cannot grasp any spiritual reality,  Beyond your comprehension is Christian Theism.  You’ve sought to belittle Christ and Christians at every opportunity.  Your reason for posting comments is to show a la Dawkins that Christianity is delusional.

As you rely on your fundamentalist, unproven and unprovable philosophical scientism, where do you place your hope in your life?  If you (anybody) doesn’t want God there can be no complaints that He doesn’t give you what you want, including revelation of evidence to a hard heart.

Gary:  I am asking you (and Christians in general) for the same quality of evidence which you would demand to believe that the Hindu god Lord Ganesh (the Hindu god with the head of an elephant) answers prayer.  Millions of Hindus believe that Lord Ganesh answers their prayers.  But I will bet that even though millions of Hindus can provide personal testimony to the effectiveness of prayer to Lord Ganesh, their personal testimony will not be sufficient to convince you or most other Christians that prayer to him is effective.  Why? Answer: Personal feelings, perceptions, and experiences are not sufficient evidence for universal truth claims except when those claims involve your own religion’s supernatural claims.

Please provide better evidence that prayer to Jesus is effective, Christians!




End of post.

4 thoughts on “Is Personal Testimony Sufficient Evidence to Believe that Jesus Answers Prayer?

  1. Please provide better evidence that prayer to Jesus is effective, Christians!

    Indeed. All they seem to present are anecdotes about how some prayer was effective, yet study after study into the efficacy of prayer come back with the same result: Prayer is no more effective than chance!


  2. Think about this, my dear Christian friends:

    Why do Christians reject the personal testimony of millions of Hindus living TODAY (who can be interviewed) regarding the alleged miracles and answered prayers performed by the Hindu god, Lord Ganesh, yet they accept as historical fact the alleged personal testimony of approximately 500 Jews living 2,000 years ago who claimed that the resurrected body of their dead religious leader had appeared to them??

    Can’t you see, dear Christian friends. You are operating under a massive bias! If personal testimony is sufficient evidence for extra-ordinary claims, then why aren’t you worshipping Lord Ganesh?


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