Prediction: 50% Decline in Church Attendance in Germany

Image result for image of church service in germany with many empty pews

Sometimes I look at my individual efforts in the movement to debunk fear-based religious supernaturalism and become discouraged.  Am I making any difference???

The truth is, I will probably grow old and die before any significant change is seen on this issue.  But, sometimes I hear or read news that gives me hope.  I was watching a German news program the other day and saw this statistic:  Church attendance in Germany is falling dramatically.  Some of it has to do with changing demographics but another major factor is a dramatic change in attitude among Germans when it comes to religion.  It just isn’t important to them anymore.  The prediction is that by 2030, there will be a 50% drop in church attendance in both Protestant and Catholic churches.  Christianity is dying in Germany!  I’ve seen similar statistics for Great Britain.  Christianity is declining across the entire educated western world.

Will we see this kind of dramatic decline in the United States?  Maybe.  A recent poll showed that those who identify as non-religious now outnumber both evangelicals and Roman Catholics.

The belief that sin (and demon possession) causes epilepsy and other illnesses did not die overnight.  It took centuries for scientists to convince western societies to finally reject these silly, ignorant superstitions.  The core superstition that invisible, capricious gods and devils control our lives and eternal destiny will not die overnight either.  It will take time.  It may not occur in our lifetimes, but it is happening.  We must not give up the struggle for reason and truth.




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7 thoughts on “Prediction: 50% Decline in Church Attendance in Germany

  1. Slowly, but surely, reason, rationalism, and skepticism are chopping at the root of American Christianity. We will die before the tree topples over, but we will go to our graves knowing that we put in a few good licks while we were alive. I’ve been doing this for a decade now. Sometimes, I get discouraged — as I am sure you do — but I know I have made a difference in the lives of countless people. I know because they have told me.

    Keep on the firing line, my friend.


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    1. You very much have made a difference, Bruce: in my life and in the lives of my children (and very probably their children, and their children, etc., etc.).

      Thank you (and DagoodS) for helping me to find my way to the light (of reason)!


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