Where are the Christian-Atheist Debates on the Internet?

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I’ve noticed something odd recently.  Conservative Christian blog owners just don’t seem to want to debate atheists and other skeptics anymore.   These Christian blog owners have either stopped allowing comments altogether; they have restricted comments to “members”; or they ignore or block all skeptical comments, even if the skeptical comments are stated in a polite manner.  What’s up?  I love debating this subject!  Where have all the good Christian-atheist debates gone???

Any recommended websites, Readers?


9 thoughts on “Where are the Christian-Atheist Debates on the Internet?

  1. Well, they have this problem that we keep winning. Even if they claim victory, hosting debate on their site means that someone else is going to read it and see how weak their arguments actually are. They couldn’t have that! They are closing their thought bubbles tighter and tighter lately.

    There’s a section of the forums on ex-christian.net for debates with believers, but the forums are being redesigned right now, and are off-line at the moment. Once they are back up, you can try there.

    Do you watch The Atheist Experience or Talk Heathen? There are discussion sites linked with both of those. TAE has a blog at Freethought Blogs and Talk Heathen has a Reddit. I just looked at both, and the Talk Heathen Reddit looks like mostly atheists, but the Atheist Experience Blog is often more contentious.


  2. It happened again. I was having a nice, polite conversation with a Christian blogger regarding his post on the morality of the Christian god…and he suddenly deletes all my comments and removes the ability for anyone to leave ANY comments on his blog!


    If the evidence for Christianity is as good as Christians claim it is, why are they so afraid of having it challenged???

    Here is another Christian blogger who cut me off when the conversation got to threatening for him:



  3. At one time Strange Notions (https://strangenotions.com/) was a decent place to go, but it’s mostly inhabited by ardent Thomist’s and their whacked-out insistence on using Aristotelian metaphysics. There’s still some reasonable debate happening there, but Dennis Bonnette is too much for my tastes, and Brandon Vogt has moved onto other projects. Unfortunately the site only gets about one or two new posts a month these days.

    Still, it was setup to be a place for these kinds of discussions.


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