Liberal Christians are Responsible for Keeping the Fanatics in Business

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I have often said that the liberal Christian is responsible for keeping the fanatics in business. 

–ex-fundamentalist Christian and counter-apologist, Teresa Roberts


Teresa Roberts on Debunking Christianity:  You are right, Gary, when you say that liberal Christians have no idea how horrific it is to grow up in a fundamentalist religion. They can afford to be generous and thereby sabotage our message about the depths of despair the scriptures have caused thousands and millions of people down through the ages. Because they grapple with fewer limitations as well as manipulations through fear tactics dealt at the youngest minds, they cling to their big sugar daddy version of god selfishly. If they only knew how detrimental that is to our cause, the ultimate freedom from damaging myths. They even refuse to take a clear headed view of the scriptures that literally gave birth to our nightmares. I have often said that the liberal Christian is responsible for keeping the fanatics in business. They argue endlessly amongst themselves, both parties vying for the best Christian of the year award. It’s disheartening. Plus, I don’t imagine that most people are aware of how many fundamentalist denominations continue to thrive in America. We are the land of the cross-eyed cousins of religion. They are everywhere, like the walking dead, carrying the virus straight into our current government.

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Gary:  You are absolutely correct, Teresa. This is a great statement!

One thing that helped me to get over my fear of eternal Hell fire (in addition to blogging) was to read the deconversion stories of ex Mormons and Muslims. Their stories express the same fears of divine retribution and damnation that we ex-fundamentalist Christians experience! Seeing that people whose beliefs I was certain are false suffering the same fear-based delusions I was experiencing helped me to see that fear of the after-life is a purely human invention. It gives those in authority incredible power over their superstitious subordinates. We must continue our struggle to debunk all superstitions, in particular, fear-based religious superstitions. Future generations of children will be spared the terror that we experienced.

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Escape from Christian fundamentalistism really is a process of deprogramming. You don’t just decide one day to stop being a fundamentalist and then move on with your new life. It takes YEARS to get over the creeping fear that maybe, just maybe, the “cult” is right, and that you have made a terrible, terrible mistake in leaving. Liberal Christians just don’t understand that. It is very easy for them to say, “Ok, so you are no longer a Christian. Stop whining about it. Move on. Why are you so preoccupied with Christianity if you chose to leave it years ago?”

But ask anyone who has grown up in a cult since they were a small child this question: “How hard was it to get all that indoctrination out of your head?” and many will respond that years later, there is still a nagging little voice deep in their heads that says: “You made a mistake. You are only kidding yourself. The Bible is true and every man a liar. YOU are going to burn in Hell, you wicked, arrogant sinner!!!”

It is truly evil what they did to us.



End of post.

6 thoughts on “Liberal Christians are Responsible for Keeping the Fanatics in Business

  1. “Perfect love casts out all fear.” 1 John 4:18. As a Bible-believing Christian, I don’t fear hell, because of what Jesus did on the Cross.

    So when you speak about your fear of hell, even after “being a Christian” I have to wonder if you ever knew Him. I mean, knowing Him casts out that fear.

    Devout Mormons and Muslims have no assurance of salvation. They will never know if they have been good enough to be spared hell. That seems to be something unique to the Christian faith – you can believe and know God and not fear Hell, because you trust His work.

    Anyway – what a waste. It seem that nothing good came out of your long years as a “christian” – because you were likely never a Christian to begin with. 1 John 2:9 “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.”

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  2. This was also a laugh haha:

    “Though he isn’t real, he consumes my every waking moment. My every breath is given to this one great cause. I eat, work, play, and live for the noble aim, to end this imaginary god’s made-up existence.

    Even when I go to sleep, I dream of standing over this imaginary god and raising a fist of triumph, secure in the knowledge that I have vanquished a god who does not exist.”

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  3. I have mixed feelings about liberal christianity (and not just because I grew up in it). On its own, it’s less harmful than fundamentalism, does more good in the community, causes less childhood trauma. (I have no horror stories from a childhood intensely involved in a liberal church.) If all the fundamentalists were to take a step toward liberal christianity, it would be a very good thing. And the liberal churches are a good resource for people who are ready to give up on the indoctrination and authoritarianism of the fundie churches, but who aren’t yet ready to give up on belief entirely.

    However the existence of liberal churches gives cover and respectability to the fanatics. They get lumped into the total numbers when the right-wing tries to claim that the US is a christian nation. The promote belief in fairy tales, superstition, and fuzzy thinking. Even though the religion of my childhood was nice, I still got to the point where I couldn’t stomach the nonsense any more and walked away.

    However, looking at the decline among US denominations, it’s the mainstream protestant denominations that are shrinking the fastest. So this issue might not be with us for much longer.

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