Evangelicals Claim Adam And Eve May Have Migrated to East Africa

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Fruit thieves caught in the act

How do evangelicals and other conservative/moderate Christians account for the scientific consensus that humans originated in east Africa, not the Middle East, as the Bible suggests?

As described earlier, molecular anthropologists have found the greatest human genetic diversity to be among African populations, leading them to conclude that humanity originated in Africa, most likely east Africa.  They continue to use DNA from different populations to determine how humanity populated the earth.  National Geographic’s Geographic Project, launched in 2005, invites the public to participate in this study by contributing DNA for analysis.  The project website includes a map of human migration routes based on DNA evidence. 

This evidence is consistent with the biblical account of humanity originating at one location, although the biblical account suggests a Middle Eastern location.  However, as discussed in [a previous part of this book] the Bab el Mandeb strait and much of the Red Sea were dry near the end of the last ice age, facilitating human migration from the Middle East to east Africa (for instance following banishment from the Garden of Eden) and vice-versa.  Hence, genetic evidence pointing to an east African location for human origins is not inconsistent with a Middle Eastern location for Eden.

—Josh and Sean McDowell, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, p. 436

(emphasis, Gary’s)

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Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

Gary:  Good grief.  Once again my point is proven:  If you believe in your heart (due to the alleged testimony of the Holy Spirit) that your ancient supernatural belief system is true, you can always make the scientific evidence, whatever it is, compatible with your belief.

No amount of objective evidence will ever convince these people of the falseness of this ancient tall tale as long as they believe that a spirit (ghost) lives inside their body, giving them secret knowledge and life direction.  How do we get through to them???

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“By the sweat of thy brow will you eat.” Adam and Eve in East Africa






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4 thoughts on “Evangelicals Claim Adam And Eve May Have Migrated to East Africa

  1. Gary –

    re: “How do we get through to them???”

    Goodness. Do I have to write your script for you?

    Here’s what you do:

    Convince the hapless theists that there is no God.
    This will, of course, mean they have no “spirit”; there is nothing about them that is “objectively them“.
    This then, will mean that they are nothing but ambulant “meat computers” with flapping jaw-pieces that make noises.
    As such, whatever noises are spewed out are simply a matter of input, becoming output.
    And, as we all know, garbage in = garbage out.
    Since the human being really has no objective source of either existence or identity, then, but is rather nothing but a meat computer with electrons running through synaptic connections, incapable of “reason” (which requires an objective identity), then simply demonstrate that since there is no “reasoning”, then there can be no “truth”.
    And remind them that you also are nothing but an ambulant meat computer, with a flapping jaw-piece that spews out noises, and you likewise are incapable of anything resembling real “reasoning”, just as they are.

    Then – try to keep a straight face and hope that they don’t realize they have no justification for listening to anything you say, because you yourself are, in fact, nothing more than a meat computer incapable of reasoning, thus, entirely incapable of determining, by reason, whether a God exists or not.

    It’s a simple job. Really. You can do it.


    1. It is simply amazing to me how most theists seem to believe that without their imaginary superhero-in-the-sky the entire universe has no meaning or purpose and that a society without a God belief will quickly devolve into criminal and sexual debauchery the likes of which has never been seen on earth.

      Japan has a very low rate of God belief yet they have one of the most orderly, crime-free societies on the planet. How is that possible if your theory is correct?

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