How Does One Verify a Laws-of-Physics-Defying Miracle?

Image result for image of the resurrection

Conservative Christian:   Miracles are not intended to amaze the skeptic. I don’t think God is into that that much. What God is into is pursuing his purpose in the world and through us. The miracles God does are ALL to that purpose. When they are not, I’d guess they are more carnival sideshow than anything. You are right in being skeptical of that sort of thing.

Miracles are also not all, maybe not primarily, non-natural interventions. God works through the continuity of the natural world, which he after all did make that way, with continuity, that is.  Those many interventions, times where the very improbable happens, often coinciding with prayer, that result in the furtherance of God’s purposes, are miracles. Those miracles may even be situations that seem so natural, though improbable, that we call them providential rather than miracles. It does not matter. I’ll take God’ s providence.

Gary:  So the resurrection of a first century corpse was “a sideshow”???  Wow.

How many miracles which defy the laws of physics have you personally seen? In other words, have you experienced even ONE “miracle” which cannot be explained naturally?  Remember, the overwhelming majority of experts say that the miracle stories in the Gospels were not written by eyewitnesses or the associates of eyewitnesses.  Therefore, it is entirely possible that they are all legends or theological embellishments (fiction). What evidence do you have that a true miracle has EVER happened???

And for those “improbable” events which do not defy the laws of physics, how do you know that your god was responsible for them and not just random chance?  “Long-shots” do win every once in a while!


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