The Committed Conservative Christian and the Committed Cigarette Smoker

Image result for image of cigarette smoker relaxing with his or her cigarette

The committed conservative Christian and the committed cigarette smoker have a lot in common:

-both perceive many beneficial subjective benefits from their habit, such as a sense of comfort in trying, stressful situations.

-both ignore majority expert opinion regarding their habit:  such as the fact that the majority of experts doubt that the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses for the committed conservative Christian, and the warnings from medical experts regarding cigarette smoking and cancer for the committed smoker.

-both appeal to minority, even fringe, experts for support of their habit:  the likes of fundamentalist Christian apologists William Lane Craig and Gary Habermas for the committed Christian, and the researchers employed by Big Tobacco for the committed smoker.

-Bottom line:  Evidence is not really important to the committed conservative Christian or to the committed cigarette smoker.  Both are addicted to their habit.  Both enjoy the comfort that their habit gives them.  Evidence be damned!  It feels so good!




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