Someday, Gary, You Will Find Out Jesus Indeed Is God

Image result for image of a witchdoctor
Witch Doctor, Zimbabwe


Conservative Christian:  Someday you will find out Jesus indeed is God.  The fact that the contemporaries of Ancient Rome mocked His very name, proves He lived.

Gary:  I do not doubt that Jesus lived.

I do doubt that he was born of a ghost-impregnated virgin, that he walked on water, that he healed lepers, and that he came back to life from brain-death.  These claims defy the laws of biology and physics. For me to believe that the laws of biology and physics have been overturned, I would need you to present convincing evidence that such events occurred. Unfortunately for Christians, this quality of evidence has never been presented in the last 2,000 years and I seriously doubt it ever will be. Almost all of your evidence is 2,000 year old hearsay.

“Someday you will find out Jesus indeed is God.”

This statement shows the foundational evil  of your supernatural belief (superstition). It is based on fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that an invisible boogeyman in the sky will torture you forever in the afterlife.  Your threats of eternal torture are no different than the incantations and chants of a witch doctor in the deepest jungle, shaking his tom toms and burning incense, while casting a “spell” on a non-believer in his invisible god.

One thought on “Someday, Gary, You Will Find Out Jesus Indeed Is God

  1. That’s Christianity for you – always winter but never Christmas. Heaven? After you die; Jesus’ second coming? Just round the corner; God’s Kingdom on Earth? Coming soon (for the last 2000 years); The resurrection? Sometime in the future; God’s judgement? After you die; Discovering Jesus is the Son of God/God Incarnate/an eternal Superman? This year, next year, sometime, never.

    None of this ludicrous fantasy has ever come to pass. None of it ever will.


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