Did Peter the Fisherman Write the Epistles of First and Second Peter?

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Excerpt copied from New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman’s blog:

And so, is it possible that Peter wrote 1 and 2 Peter?  We have seen good reasons for him not writing 2 Peter, and some reason for thinking he didn’t write 1 Peter.  But it is highly probable that in fact he could not write at all.  I should point out that the book of 1 Peter is written by a highly educated, Greek-speaking Christian who is intimately familiar with the Jewish Scriptures in their Greek translation, the Septuagint.  This is not Peter.

It is theoretically possible, of course, that Peter decided to go to school after Jesus’ resurrection.  In this imaginative (not to say imaginary) scenario he learned his alphabet, learned how to sound out  syllables and then words, learned to read, and learned to write.  Then he took Greek classes and mastered Greek as a foreign language, and started memorizing large chunks of the Septuagint, before taking Greek composition classes and learning how to compose complicated and rhetorically effective sentences, and then, toward the end of his life, he wrote 1 Peter.

Gary:  What is the probability of this scenario?  Answer:  Very, very unlikely.



End of post.


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