The Modern Definition of Faith: Trust Grounded in Reason and Evidence. Really?

The Christian apologist in this short video claims that atheists have mischaracterized the true meaning of faith.  Faith is NOT belief without evidence.  According to him (and many other online Christian apologists) faith is trust grounded in reason and evidence.  Check out his critique of Street Epistemology, which he labels as “atheist evangelism”:


















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7 thoughts on “The Modern Definition of Faith: Trust Grounded in Reason and Evidence. Really?

  1. My goodness. Feathers (nor anything else in our universe) arose solely by random chance. They arose from millions of years of natural selection and genetic drift. Creationists need to take the time to actually read a few basic science texts before they make themselves look foolish.

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  2. Sheesh. First, their bible doesn’t give this definition of “faith”, it specifically is the “evidence of things not seen” in Hebrews 11:1. The apologists can’t claim faith is based on reason and actual evidence and still be biblical literalists. Do they follow their book or not?

    Secondly, if their faith is “grounded in evidence”, then it should be subject to revision as new evidence comes to light. I never hear of religious believers saying that their faith is the best explanation they have currently, but that they would be willing to look at modifying it should a better explanation arise.

    And last, Street Evangelism should not be any threat to a religion whose claims are actually true. If someone who believed demonstrably true things took a deep look at why they believed what they believed, their belief would be strengthened, not threatened.


  3. The modern definition of faith being belief without evidence traces back to Kirkegaurd, if I’m not mistaken.

    If anything, we see already with Moses that he expects the Israelites in Egypt to ask for proof that Moses has, in fact, been sent by God. God gives signs to show that Moses has been sent by Him. No blind faith here.

    As another example, the Gospel of John is written so that the readers would believe that Jesus is the risen Saviour – because the source of the Gospel is trustworthy.

    The fact is, you need faith to believe anything about anything that you haven’t directly witnessed. This means that it is by faith that you believe that the Romans were world power, since you haven’t (and never could) observe this for yourself. Hell, you have to have faith that blogs etc are being written by people and not by some super-advanced programme that the powers that be have concocted to keep us all docile.

    Stuff like that. You put your faith in scientific articles etc as being accurate, since you haven’t performed the experiments and collated the data or done the surveys etc.

    So we see having evidence to back where you place you faith is biblical, going all the way to the Torah.


    1. What a load of garbage.
      There isn’t even evidence that the biblical character, Jesus of Nazareth existed let alone rose from the dead.
      And if it wasn’t for your trust in the evidence that a 747 could fly you would never board a plane.
      You are yet another perfect example of a disingenuous christian half-wit who has been indoctrinated right up the wazoo.


  4. “Sophisticated” theologians tend to define what they mean by “faith” as “confidence grounded in reason and evidence”, but this is not what your average Joe Pewsitter means. Ask them why they believe and many will tell you it’s because they have “faith.” Faith to them is the evidence for their position, If there was reason and evidence they would tell you the reasons and evidence that get them to believe, and never mention the word “faith.”


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