Why is the Date of the Greatest Event in Human History Unknown?

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It must be remembered that Christian apologists maintain that the year that Jesus died and was resurrected is the most important and significant event in the history of mankind.  Yet historians, scholars, and theologians alike cannot pinpoint when these two monumental events occurred.  In contrast, the years and in many instances the exact days listed below of various ancient dates are known with absolute and total clarity:

-Alexander the Great died on June 11, 323 BC.

-Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC.

-Tiberius Caesar was born on Nov. 16, 42 BC.

-King Herod I was elected King of the Jews by the Roman Senate in 37 BC.

-Herod the Great died in 4 BC.

-Augustus Caesar died on August 19, AD 14.

-Tiberius Caesar died on March 16, AD 37.

-Agrippa I died in AD 44.

—excerpt from The Resurrection:  A Critical Inquiry by Jewish author Michael J. Alter, page 47


Gary:  Are we really to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was greeted by crowds of thousands on Palm Sunday as the next King of Israel; that his trial before Pilate and Herod brought the city to near revolt; that upon his death the earth shook, the sky went dark for three hours, and dozens of dead saints wandered out of their graves to walk the streets of a major city; that hundreds of people in Palestine began seeing a resurrected, walking, talking, teleporting dead corpse; that these sightings continued over a period of 40 days; that at least a dozen eyewitnesses watched this resurrected corpse levitate into the clouds; and only weeks later, the “eyewitnesses” to these miraculous events preached to crowds of thousands in the Temple, on Pentecost, causing thousands of devout Jews to convert to the Christian movement…

…yet no one bothered to record the date of this guy’s death or alleged resurrection???  Not even the year of these two monumental events?

Come on!  Jesus may well have been a first century apocalyptic preacher; a “prophet” who got on the wrong side of the Jewish authorities and was crucified by the Romans, but the evidence above makes it very clear:  the Gospels must certainly be full of literary and theological embellishments (fiction)!  Jesus could not have been the big deal these texts make him out to be.  His death was obviously not a significant event in Jewish or Roman history.  During his lifetime, at least,  the evidence suggests that Jesus was a nobody.

Jesus became a somebody only after four anonymous authors turned him into a first century superhero.




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