Orthodox Jew Demolishes the Foundation of Christianity in Five Minutes






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5 thoughts on “Orthodox Jew Demolishes the Foundation of Christianity in Five Minutes

  1. Bwahahaha – this guy’s touting the “pagan myth influence theory” when it comes to Jesus!? haha – that’s hysterical. “demolishes” hahaha – man, this is hysterical.

    do you seriously take that seriously?

    There is NO virgin conception outside of Christianity IF you bother to really check out the accounts.

    For example – Mithra was born of a ROCK. Now you might say that a rock is a virgin… but you’d be wrong.
    Zeus’ had sex with Hercules’s mom to conceive Hercules (really Heracles). No virgin conception here.
    Jupiter had sex with his sister/wife Juno to conceive their kids.

    Isis was not a virgin when she fell pregnant.

    Just the list goes on and on.

    THEN he uses paintings from the Middle-ages the Renaissance, 1000 years or more removed from the New Testament as if that can discredit the New Testament?

    Man, I guess you have a different definition of demolish. haha

    Also – the orthodox Judaism of today is so far removed from Mt Sinai… there is no such thing a Bartimitzpha in the Jewish Scriptures. They have no temple, no high priest. They can make no atoning sacrifices for their sins.

    He makes no attempt to harmonise the difficulties in various genealogies in the Old Testament like the two different names of Esau’s wives in Genesis 26 and 36.

    The point is that there are reasonable explanations for the differences in the Old Testament. Surely he’ll extend the same idea to the New Testament if he’s going to be fair?


    1. Your SPIN and that of Christian apologists for the last 2,000 years fails miserably.

      Christianity is not Jewish. Period. It is a pagan religion. The Hebrew Bible very clearly states that God is NOT a man. Jesus was a man. Jesus could therefore not be the Hebrew god, Yahweh.

      It’s very simple if you simply ignore all the Christian BS.


  2. Here is one reason that Judaism can’t be true. The Tanak declares that the Messiah will visit the second temple. Malachi 3:1 says that the Lord you are seeking would visit the second temple. So the Tanak must be ultimately completely wrong since this didn’t happen… or Jesus is the Messiah. There are more steps – but yes, Jesus is Messiah.

    And another point on virgin birth: it was JEWISH translators of the Tanak who translated the Hebrew word in Isaiah as “virgin” – not pagan someone or other.

    anyway, blessings! enjoy Sunday


    1. And here is another reason why Christianity is not the fulfillment of Judaism: The OT clearly teaches that when the messiah comes, ALL the world will recognize him as King and that the entire world will become peaceful and harmonious. This did not happen with Jesus. The concept of Jesis’ “Second Coming” is nothing more than a pathetic, desperate attempt (spin) to explain away Jesus’ failed messiahship.


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