The Evidence for the Truth Claims of Christianity is Pathetic

Image result for image of god speaking to the hebrews at sinai
Yahweh speaks to three million Hebrews from the top of Mount Sinai

Conservative Christian:

God gave us that thing sitting on top of our shoulders so that we can analyze which [religion] has the best historical records, evidence, etc. and thus, one can weed out the ones that are likely to be a fable and which ones might have a chance of being true. It is important.  After all, where you’ll spend eternity depends on it.


The evidence for the core truth claims of traditional Christianity is absolutely pathetic.  Historians can’t even agree on the authorship of the four alleged accounts of Jesus’ life (the Gospels)!  In addition, experts believe that two, maybe even three, of those accounts are blatant works of plagiarism of the first!  How do we know that the first anonymous author even knew what he was talking about?  Maybe his stories about Jesus were all allegories; maybe they were all plain fiction!  He wasn’t writing a history book.  The authors themselves tell us the purpose of their books:  “So that you might believe.” The anonymous authors of the Gospels were writing religious propaganda!

How many eyewitnesses claimed to see Jesus walk out of his sealed tomb?  Zero!  All Christians have are second-hand tales of people claiming to have seen a dead guy.  Tens of thousands of people all over the world have claimed to have seen a dead person!

Seeing dead people is not a miracle.  It is a delusion!

Mormons and Jews have much better evidence for their claims than do Christians and Muslims.  If you are adamant that a Creator God exists and that he has revealed himself to humans, then become a Jew or a Mormon, for Pete’s sake!  At least these two groups have some decent evidence for their supernatural tall tales.

Mormons have signed affidavits from 12 known eyewitnesses stating that they saw the Golden Tablets and three of them state that they saw the angel Moroni! That is much better evidence than anything that Christians have.

Orthodox Jews claim that 3,000,000 of their ancestors heard Yahweh speak to them at Sinai and one of the things he told them is that He would never take the form of a man. That is much better evidence than anything Christians have.

Image result for image of angel moroni appearing to Joseph Smith and three others
The angel Moroni appears to Joseph Smith and associates









End of post.

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