Gary: What Book Would You Recommend for a Questioning Christian to Read?

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There are many good books by ex-Christians and other skeptics which do a great job of exposing the extreme improbability (and outright silliness) of the supernatural claims of Christianity.  But if I had to pick just one book, I would pick:  …the Bible!

Many Christians have read the New Testament but how many Christians have read the four Gospels in parallel?  I encourage Christians to do that.  Start with the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark (which most scholars believe was the first gospel written) and then read the same story (not necessarily the corresponding chapter number) in Matthew, then Luke, and then John.  Do this for every chapter and story in Mark.

And if you are really ambitious, once you reach the chapter in Mark where Jesus leads his disciples out to the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of his arrest, read Roman Catholic New Testament scholar Raymond Brown’s masterpiece The Death of the Messiah as he reviews each pericope in the Gospel of Mark in parallel with the same story in the other four Gospels.

I believe that if you are a conservative Christian, just reading the Gospels in parallel in your own Bible and reading Brown’s commentary on them (Brown very much believed in the supernatural, miracles, the empty tomb, and in the bodily resurrection of Jesus), you will be shocked and amazed at what you learn about your Bible and Christianity.





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4 thoughts on “Gary: What Book Would You Recommend for a Questioning Christian to Read?

  1. Bart Ehrman did it for my wife. Hitchens and the debates he has had with various superstars of Christian apologetics is what did it for me.

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  2. Gary … actually, one might consider starting with PAUL since he’s the first writer. Much of what is in the rest of the New Testament is based on what he put forth. I do agree that Mark should be the first gospel that’s read.

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    1. I agree, but if a Christian is questioning the veracity of the central supernatural claims of Christianity (which mostly come from the Gospels) I would suggest going straight to reading the Gospels in parallel, because if read in parallel, it becomes very obvious that these books were not written by eyewitnesses nor were their authors attempting to record accurate history. They were evangelizing! And evangelists will use every means possible to gain converts (as Paul himself even said, “I am all things to all men so that I can by all means save some.

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  3. Reading the bible was a large part of what did it for me. But it wasn’t the gospels that made the difference. It was starting at the beginning and reading every page right through to the end. Twice. Doing that, I encountered all the nasty parts that they don’t encourage you to read in Sunday School. By the time I got through the second read, it was clear that there was not a unified coherent message in it, and that I didn’t think any of it had been inspired by a god.

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