Blast from the Past: “Gary the Christian” Struggles with Doubts about his Faith

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It is four years ago this month that I “lost my faith”; that I deconverted from the Christian religion after struggling for four months to desperately hold onto it.  I did not deconvert because I was unhappy with Christianity.  I did not deconvert because I had secret sins I wished to indulge.  I deconverted due to my exposure to evidence; massive quantities of evidence which clearly demonstrated to me that the central claims of Christianity are based on nothing more than hearsay, legend, assumptions, and conjecture.

Today I bumped into one of the ex-Christians who presented this evidence to me.  No, I didn’t physically bump into him.  I “bumped into” him on the internet.  I commented under a Christian blog post this morning and noticed that he had just commented on the same post.  It was “DagoodS”!

Former fundamentalist Baptist pastor turned atheist Bruce Gerencser was the first to expose me to the evidence.  He then pointed me to DagoodS for more evidence.  Here is a link to a post on DagoodS’ blog in which he and I discussed my Christian faith.  Below is a comment left by one of his readers under that post regarding their assessment of me, “Gary the Christian”:


I think it is obvious that Gary has spent the last week or so furiously attempting to shore up his wavering faith. He is prime evidence of the idea that facts which counter a person’s beliefs do not change those beliefs but actually have a backfire effect of strengthening those beliefs.  (see this article)

He is not at the place yet where he can objectively look at things and understand what actually qualifies as “evidence”. I don’t say that to be mean. I think anyone who has lost faith has gone through this phase and can remember looking for what seemed to be the “theory of everything” that was going to make some semblance of continuing in the faith achievable.

Gary keeps writing in comments at his blog that he thinks atheists and former believers are gleefully wanting him to deconvert. He does not understand that our interactions with him are not borne out of a desire to see him lose his faith but occur because we can see through the endless BS apologetic arguments developed to dismiss real problems with scripture, theology, and religion in general. 

It’s hard to even know where to start in a conversation with him because there are too many layers of false assumptions, faulty premises, and simply incorrect facts to sift through.




End of post.

2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: “Gary the Christian” Struggles with Doubts about his Faith

  1. Hi, Gary, I also recall speaking with Dagood virtually many years ago. I think it may have been through Bruce’s or Zoe’s blog. My conversation with people who are not Christians through the years has really impacted my views, but not in the direction of atheism.

    Yet, my thinking has changed and deepened along the lines of the character of God, and the nature of Scripture. My conviction in the centrality of the incarnation, and Jesus as the lens, the “hermeneutic” for evaluating all of Scripture was crystallized. There have been other benefits to my faith as well.

    I came to see some of the perils of black/white, literalist kinds of thinking that I never perceived before. I’ve appreciated Bruce’s stand relating to abuses in the church.

    So, I might as well say, that in a strange sense, God has spoken and worked through these people in my life. They have been a blessing. For the most part, even though I have felt hurt and offended at times, I generally like and appreciate these folks.


    1. Maybe someday you’ll see things differently, Rebecca. Just as many others have. Unlikely as it may seem to you now, it’s not impossible.


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