Christian Nonsense: If Hitler Sincerely Prayed the Sinner’s Prayer Five Seconds Before His Death he is in Heaven, yet Six Million Devout Jews are Burning in Hell

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Where the worm dieth not and where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Think about that, folks.  It is outrageous!  It is sick!   Yet this is what a large percentage of American Christians actually believe:  No matter how wicked you are are; no matter what sins you have committed against your fellow humans; if you sincerely and with all your heart confess your sins to Jesus on your deathbed, and repent of those sins, Jesus will forgive all your sins and will immediately take you to heaven the second you die.

So, if evangelical Christianity is correct, it is possible that the most evil man in all of human history, Adolf Hitler, is in heaven, while the six millions Jews [who did not believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior] who he murdered are burning in eternal hellfire.  All Hitler had to do that day in 1945 in his bunker in Berlin was to earnestly and without reservation repent of his sins prior to putting a bullet through his head…and he is enjoying the eternal bliss of heaven as we speak!

This belief system not only defies common sense, it is outrageously unjust and immoral. Yet evangelical Christians insist that the only way to save ourselves from eternal torment in the afterlife is for each and every one of us to believe this sick belief.

This issue alone should suffice as evidence that at least this version of Christianity is absolutely false.







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12 thoughts on “Christian Nonsense: If Hitler Sincerely Prayed the Sinner’s Prayer Five Seconds Before His Death he is in Heaven, yet Six Million Devout Jews are Burning in Hell

  1. Interesting – as a naturalist you have no basis to condemn Hitler and no basis to commend anyone.
    Well, I guess that you have your opinion. But why is your opinion anything to be considered?


    1. I condemn Hitler and your immoral evangelical Christian belief system by the moral standards of my “herd”.

      Morality comes from evolution, Liam, not from invisible ghosts.


  2. No matter how Christians try to “spin it” or deny it, what you write related to “sins forgiven” is exactly what they believe.

    Disagree? Consider those who claim that Hitchens made a “deathbed” confession. Why would they be so smug in making this assertion if they didn’t believe he had “seen the light” as he passed from this life?

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  3. If you’re are an Arminian, I guess so. A Calvinist would say that it is not likely that a just God would give him the Spirit so that he could repent.


  4. Gary, was this your belief as a Christian? I’m not certain of the LCMS, but I don’t think it is the conviction of Christian people in the ELCA.


    1. If a sinner sincerely repents of his sins, why wouldn’t he or she be immediately forgiven according to Lutheran teaching?


      1. I was thinking more of the idea that all of these Jewish people are now in Hell. Gary, I’ve never known anyone in the ELCA who held to this teaching in my experience.


        1. But what about Hitler? If he sincerely repented five seconds before his death, would he be in heaven immediately after dying?


  5. Gary, part of me wants to say, “Hell no.” As humans, we have a natural tendency toward an “eye for an eye.” We want revenge.

    But, God extends grace and mercy, yes, I think even to people like Hitler. But, it seems to me that there is still a paradox here.

    He is also just.

    12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. 13 And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

    I don’t think God’s grace and forgiveness is contrary to restorative justice, and accountability.

    No one has complete insight, but I think we can trust the grace, wisdom, and justice of God.

    I also want to say that while I sense the anger and pain behind the action of the former Messianic Jewish man in the video, I think he is wrong in his approach. These Jewish people are adults. They have the right to decide for themselves relating to the message of the evangelist. It is never a good idea IMO to attempt to limit speech, and block free inquiry and dialogue, as he appears to be doing.


  6. First off the teaching of the sinners prayer is not biblical. Anyone who says that is a false teacher. So your argument here is agents a false teaching that is not Christian or biblical. Just as the person who says that the sinners prayer saves you etc.. is wrong is the so called “belief” of many so called “christians” in John 2:24 it says “many people in Jerusalem’s seen the Miracles that he was doing and believed in his name but Jesus did not entrusthimself to them because he knew the hearts of all men” so these people had an intellectual knowledge of who Jesus Christ was they knew who he was they believe he was who he said they had mental Ascension they believed that what he was saying was truth but they did not obey they did not have saving Faith they had mental Ascension and intellectual knowledge that’s what the sinner’s prayer is teaching your Saved by intellectual knowledge in mental assent. Second the truth is not arbitrary or in a vacuum the truth is there for everybody to seek and find if they’re humble in if they want to find it so for you let’s say that you didn’t know this but now I’m bringing you the truth if you continue with your false assumptions and labeling a group of people by a group of liars then you continue in your evil because you want to you want that to be the truth. you’re fighting and arguing against a bunch of liars false teachers who will be condemned for it if they don’t repent. Jesus said if you do not repent you will likewise perish the Bible says that anybody continues to sin is a liar and does not know him and never knew him. The Bible States that you must be holy like God is Holy the Bible States that anybody who comes to know the truth about Jesus Christ and continues to willingly sin does not have salvation to look forward to but a fiery wrath in condemnation that will come when God devours his adversaries God told Moses and Jesus tells the seven churches the ones that were in error if you do not obey me I will erase your name from The Book of Life very rare cases like the man on the cross next to Jesus who repented and his works of repentance was his heart God weighed his heart and found that it was true sorrow and repentance and he was granted into heaven is a very rare case and people should not count on this happening at the blink-of-an-eye because they don’t know when they’re going to die and to turn at the last minute is evil it’s not true repentance it’s worldly sorrow because you got caught. and I will end with this quote from Jesus Christ many will say on the last day Lord Lord did we not preach in your name and cast out demons in your name and heal the sick in your name and and I will say to them get away from me you who practice lawlessness I do not know you then in 1 John we see that it says anybody who practice lawlessness will not enter the kingdom of heaven and lawlessness is sin so anybody who continues to send willingly and does not repent there’s a point where God will stop knocking and they will be given over to a depraved mind and they will not come back from that.


    1. Suggestion. Break up your comments into paragraphs. I, and probably many others, are not going to read such a long paragraph. It is painful on the eyes. Thanks.


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