The Source of the Conflict Between Science and Creationism: The Holy Book of Childhood Can Never Be Wrong

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There are still those who seek to deny the truth of evolution, and there are disturbing signs that their influence is even growing, at least in local areas of the United States.  Insofar as these backwoodsmen have arguments, they mostly centre around the notion of “design”—which also happens to be the principal theme of The Blind Watchmaker.  The book had finer ambitions than to serve as a reply to such arguments, but it is still true that anybody tempted  by the arguments of creationists will find definitive refutations of them—I think all of them—in here. 

Pretend as they will to scientific credentials, the anti-evolution propagandists are always religiously motivated, even if they try to buy credibility by concealing the fact.  In most cases, they know deep down what to believe because their parents recommended an ancient book that tells them what to believe.  If the scientific evidence learned in adulthood contradicts the book, there must be something wrong with the scientific evidence.  Since all radiometric dating methods agree that the earth is thousands of millions of years old, something obviously has to be wrong with all radiometric dating methods.  The holy book of childhood cannot be, must not be, wrong.

—biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins in the introduction to his 1996 edition of The Blind Watchmaker


3 thoughts on “The Source of the Conflict Between Science and Creationism: The Holy Book of Childhood Can Never Be Wrong

  1. People are indoctrinated about their God at their mother’s knee. If what we learned at our mother’s knee was reliable, we wouldn’t need schools, or science for that matter.


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