A Gazillion Copies of “Cinderella” does Not Make the Story True

Image result for image of a christian scribe copying a text
An ancient scribe copying a portion of the Bible

I am currently reading Evidence that Demands a Verdict by evangelical Christian authors Josh and Sean McDowell.  I am actually finding it interesting.  They give some pretty fascinating history about the different manuscripts and papyri of the Bible that have been discovered over the last several centuries.  However, if I hear one more Christian apologist proudly gloat about the fact that there are more copies of the Bible than any other book from Antiquity; and that because of the existence of these tens of thousands of copies, we can recreate the original “autographs”…I’m going to explode.

Whether we have ten thousand or ten gazillion copies of the Bible does not make the original autographs true any more than ten thousand or a gazillion copies of Cinderella make that story true.

Christian apologists really need to let this argument go.

I am not suggesting that the entire Bible is a fairy tale.  I believe that there are certainly some historical facts presented in the Bible.  But like most books from Antiquity, we must carefully separate fact from fiction.  Just because we have discovered that Pilate really did rule Judea in circa 30-33 CE does not mean that another man from that era walked on water, healed lepers, and rose from the dead.

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