Creationist Conundrums: Did Noah Take Fresh Water Fish on his Boat?

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I am currently reading biologist Jerry Coyne’s book, Why Evolution is True.

In chapter 4, Coyne presents a fascinating topic that provides irrefutable evidence (at least for those who don’t believe in magic) for Darwinian evolution:  Oceanic islands (i.e., the Galapagos islands, the Hawaiian islands, etc. ) have no native land mammals, reptiles, amphibians, or fresh water fish.  Continental islands (Madagascar, the British Isles, etc.) do.  Why?  If an intelligent, perfect, all-knowing supernatural Creator God created all the animals why would he put land mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fresh water fish on all the continental islands (islands that the geologic record demonstrates separated from a nearby continent millions of years ago) but not on oceanic islands?  There are zero fossils of these species on oceanic islands.

How would a Christian creationist answer this conundrum?

As a former fundamentalist Christian and six-day creationist myself, I will put on my fundamentalist Christian “hat” and try to explain this fact of nature:

Gary, the creationist:  When the Great Flood of Noah occurred, it killed all the land mammals, reptiles, and amphibians on the oceanic islands.

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Gary, the evolutionist:  If that is true, we should find fossils of these animals on oceanic islands.  We do not.  Where are the fossils of these dead animals?  Fossils of these species have never been found on any oceanic island.

Gary, the creationist:  They and any skeletons of their deceased ancestors were all swept out to sea in the Great Flood.  If any fossils exist, they are at the bottom of the deepest ocean.

Gary, the evolutionist:  What about the fresh water fish?  Why don’t we find their fossils on oceanic islands? Prior to their introduction by humans, there were no fresh water fish in any stream or river on any oceanic island.

Gary, the creationist:  When the Great Flood occurred, it swept all the fresh water fish living in the streams and rivers of oceanic islands into the sea where they died due to the saltiness of the sea.

Gary, the evolutionist:  If that is true, then all the fresh water fish on the entire planet were killed off in the Flood.  Why do we have fresh water fish on continents and continental islands today if every species of fresh water fish was killed off in the Flood?

Image result for paintings of noah and the flood

Gary, the creationist:  Noah must of had a fish bowl in the Ark.  He put two of every kind of fresh water fish into his fish bowl.

Gary, the evolutionist:  Do you know how many species of fresh water fish there are?

Gary, the creationist:  No.

Gary, the evolutionist:  There are 15,000 species of fresh water fish!  So if your claim is true, Noah must of had a fish bowl with 30,000 fish (one male and one female of each species) in it!  That would have been one massive fish bowl!  Aquarium experts say that, at a minimum, one needs one gallon of water for every one inch of fish.  How many gallons of water would Noah’s aquarium have needed to accommodate 30,000 fish, most of whom were probably much larger than one inch?  Even if all 30,000 fish were only one inch in size, the aquarium would have needed at least 30,000 gallons of water!  One gallon of water occupies 231 cubic inches of space.  So for 30,000 one inch fish each needing one gallon of water, the entire area of Noah’s floating aquarium would have been at least 6,930,000 cubic inches in size, or 577, 500 cubic feet in size.  How was there any room left for the elephants, lions, tigers, and bears?

And one gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.  So 30,000 gallons of water would have weighed over 250,000 pounds.  Add that to the weight of the elephants, rhinos. lions, tigers, and bears…how did Noah’s boat stay afloat???

Image result for image of fish bowl

Gary, the creationist:  With God, all things are possible.

Gary, the evolutionist:  Hmm.  Ok, let’s say that Noah did have room on his floating ark for 30,000 fresh water fish and the boat did not sink with such a heavy aquarium inside, why are there fresh water fish on continental islands (which you creationists believe have always been islands, never attached to a continent) but none on oceanic islands?

Gary, the creationist:  Listen, Mr. know-it-all evolutionist and hell-bound sinner: God knows what he is doing.  Maybe he thought that the natives on the oceanic islands had enough fish with the ocean so close by!

Gary:  Oy vey!  They always have a harmonization, don’t they?







6 thoughts on “Creationist Conundrums: Did Noah Take Fresh Water Fish on his Boat?

  1. “Gary, the creationist: With God, all things are possible.”

    Then why have an ark at all? Why not just poof in all the animals from scratch like the first time? The ark story points at a less than all-powerful god, doesn’t it?

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    1. Gary, the creationist: God wanted the people of the earth to make a spiritual choice; an earthly choice of salvation or damnation: They could repent and go into the ark, or they could reject Noah’s preaching and drown. They exercised their free will.

      Therefore, those who drowned can only blame themselves for their deaths and that of their children.


      1. I don’t remember anything about god telling Noah to take along anybody who wanted to go, or anything about free will. It just said God decided to kill everybody. And that still doesn’t excuse drowning all the kittens and puppies!

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        1. Gary, the creationist: Silly, silly skeptic! Didn’t you know that Noah was the first Judeo-Christian evangelist:

          “In 2 Peter 2:5, Noah is described as a “preacher of righteousness.” In what way was he a preacher? The Greek word kerux (κηρυξ) refers to a herald, or “one who announces.” Even when he wasn’t saying anything, his labor on the Ark would have been his witness. However, some Jewish scholars maintain that Noah did indeed leave some words, too. John Gill, in chapter 22 of the Pirke R. Eliezer, quotes Noah’s words according to Jewish tradition: “Be ye turned from your evil ways and works, lest the waters of the flood come upon you, and cut off all the seed of the children of men.” ”

          Source: Answers in Genesis:


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