Evidence Against Creationism: Individual Species Were Not Created De Novo

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Creationists believe that God created all species of animals de novo (out of nothing).  They reject the evolutionist’s claim that all species, including humans, evolved over a period of millions of years from lower life forms.  The tulip, Redwood tree, cat, and beetle that you see today descend from the original tulip, Redwood tree, cat, and beetle that God created during the Six Day Creation of the universe.  The characteristics of individual species may have changed within that species due to environmental factors, but new species have never evolved from other species.

The biologic evidence proves this belief patently false.

All species form a nested hierarchy:  a hierarchy in which big groups of species whose members share a few traits are subdivided into smaller groups of species sharing more traits, and so on down to species, like black bears and grizzly bears that share nearly all their traits.

Actually, the nested arrangement of life was recognized long before Darwin.  Starting with the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1735, biologists began classifying animals and plants, discovering that they consistently fell into what was called a “natural” classification.  Strikingly, different biologists came up with nearly identical groupings.  This means that these groupings are not subjective artifacts of a human need to classify, but tell us something real and fundamental about nature.  But nobody knew what that something was until Darwin came along and showed that the nested arrangement of life is precisely what evolution predicts.  Creatures with recent common ancestors share many traits, while those whose common ancestors lay in the distant past are more dissimilar.  The “natural” classification is itself strong evidence for evolution.

Why?  Because we don’t see such a nested arrangement if we’re trying to arrange objects that haven’t arisen by an evolutionary process of splitting and descent.  Matchbooks, for example, resemble the kinds of creatures expected under a creationist explanation of life.  There are many ways to order [organize] matchbooks.  You could for example, sort matchbooks hierarchically beginning with size, and then by [location of the business:  country or state] within size, then by color within that country or state, and so on.  Or you could start with the product advertised etc..  There are many ways to organize the matchbooks and everyone will do it differently.  There is no sorting system that all collectors agree on.  This is because rather than evolving, so that each matchbook gives rise to another that is only slightly different, each matchbook design was created from scratch [de novo] by human whim.

–biologist Jerry Coyne, Why Evolution is True, p. 9

Gary:  As someone who once believed in a literal six-day Creation even after graduating from a public university and medical school, I fully understand the reluctance of fundamentalist Christians to accept that the biblical Creation account is not historical fact; that the evidence only appears to confirm evolutionary theory; that God created this fake “evidence” to confound the wise and arrogant.

In a world involving the supernatural, this is certainly possible.  However, dear fundamentalist Christian friend, I encourage you to study the evidence for yourself.  Read Jerry Coyne’s book and then make your own decision.  Did God create “fake” evidence, or is it your belief about God that is incorrect?

8 thoughts on “Evidence Against Creationism: Individual Species Were Not Created De Novo

  1. It beggars belief that in the face of such evidence even people, like you, who are generally considered smart did, at one time, beleive creationist crap. How on earth did you get through med school holding on to such beliefs, Gary? In fact, how did you cope with basic human anatomy and biology?

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    1. For one, I kept it quiet. Two, although we of course had (human) anatomy courses in medical school, we never had comparative anatomy (comparing humans with other species) or studied evolution. That would have opened my eyes, I would guess.

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    2. This reminds me of an article I read in our local paper. One of the churches had a new youth pastor who had recently left med school because he could not tolerate the non-theistic evolutionist profs in his university. His idea was to quit and come back to the church to get to the youth at a younger age to really make a difference and prepare them for that which exists outside the church. In other words, perhaps, to redirect any of the youth away from their own dreams of medicine because of those nasty science based profs out there in the world.

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        1. Hi Zoe. For some reason my comments are not nesting, a new comment will always appear after the oldest regardless of which previous comment you reply to. I will see if I can go into WordPress and fix it.


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