Why are There no Exorcisms in the Gospel of John?

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Most scholars believe that John’s gospel makes use of a separate tradition about Jesus.  As [Roman Catholic New Testament scholar] Raymond Brown notes, several important features are peculiar to this gospel, among them “a Jesus conscious of having preexisted with God before he came into the world”; a “public ministry largely set in Jerusalem rather than Galilee”; “the significant absence of the Kingdom of god motif”; “long discourses and dialogue rather than parables,” and among his miracles, no exorcisms.

Kenneth L Woodward, The Book of Miracles, p. 130


Gary:  Think about that folks.  In the first gospel written, the Gospel of Mark, Jesus spends the overwhelming majority of his ministry in Galilee, never mentions or at least goes out of his way to hide his identity as the Son of God, talks about “the Kingdom of God” repeatedly, speaks mostly in parables, and the time period between his baptism and his death is one year.

Yet in the Gospel of John, written several decades later, Jesus’ ministry is largely set in Jerusalem, Jesus is very open about his divinity, never or rarely refers to the “Kingdom of God”, never speaks in parables but in long discourses, and the time period from his baptism to his death spans three years.  In the Synoptics, Jesus seems to cast out (exorcise) demons in practically every town he passes through, yet not one exorcism is mentioned in the Gospel of John.  Not one.

And conservative Christians want us to accept the historical reliability of these ancient texts???

Get serious.

One thought on “Why are There no Exorcisms in the Gospel of John?

  1. So different sources give us different information, and that’s a reason to dismiss them?

    You’re not serious are you?

    Oh wait you are.

    Which is so… sad. Sorry that you can’t grasp how to do ancient history.


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