Dear Ex-Christian: What is the REAL Reason you Abandoned Christianity?

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“It’s so sad.”  This is the most common response I have heard from family, friends, and other interested believers upon learning of my loss of faith…

I have been told that if I had embraced a slightly different brand of Christianity, I could have avoided coming down this path.  It was because I believed incorrectly, or because I wasn’t truly a believer in the first place, or because I did not seek God earnestly enough, or because I did not submit to his sovereignty, that I ended up abandoning the faith.  At times I have explained to others my reasons for doubting, only to have these reasons dismissed with the question, “So what’s the real reason you left God?”  I often sense a conviction on their part that my disbelief must stem from an inward moral flaw.

—Kenneth W. Daniels, former fundamentalist Christian missionary, in his book, “Why I Believed”


Gary:  I’m sure that the vast majority of ex-Christians turned atheist/agnostic can relate to this statement.  I sure can.

“Gary, Gary, Gary.  If only you had _______.”  (Fill in the blank.)

…been a member of MY denomination.

…read more books by Christian scholars.

…been a REAL Christian in the first place.

…etc., etc..


Christians of all stripes cannot believe that I deconverted from Christianity based on EVIDENCE.  That is just incomprehensible to them.


3 thoughts on “Dear Ex-Christian: What is the REAL Reason you Abandoned Christianity?

  1. That was the book I read prior to fully abandoning Christianity. There were many leading up to it, but I finally have to be intellectually honest with myself, my family, and my friends.

    I’m glad I made that decision.

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