Gary, How Dare You Question the Morality of the Judeo-Christian God

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Conservative Christian:


Indeed, in your worldview, God is not worthy to be called “Father” or “good”. But, in your worldview, it does not really matter whether God is worthy of being called “Father” or “good”. All these concepts are merely a product of brain matter banging each other. Goodness or Fatherhood in your worldview are nothing more than a by-product of electric impulses produced by a brain matter. So, I don’t get why you are so passionate on painting a narrative about God — that he is “selfish”, “evil”, “dictator”, etc. In your worldview, why would that even matter at all? “Evil” or “goodness” have no real meaning afterall. How can these ‘concepts’ have real meaning in a purely material world? Are not the concept of good and evil merely a result of atoms banging each other on our brain?

By judging God’s character or worthiness through a set of “standard” as if “goodness” can be defined and has meaning, you are actually borrowing from a worldview you seek to discredit to make your argument rational and sensible. I suggest to you that the very argument you made to discredit God, is the strongest proof of his existence. The moment you said, “I think…” — that is the end of your worldview.



The Japanese have moral standards and they are not based on Judeo-Christianity. If you want to attribute humanity’s innate sense of morality to a Creator God, that is fine, but you cannot assign our innate sense of morality to the Judeo-Christian god as other cultures have moral standards and their cultures do not have their origins in Judeo-Christianity.

Animal studies show that animals who live in herds or packs have “morals”; they have rules of acceptable behavior for all members of the herd. Most mammals are “herd or pack” animals. In chimpanzee troops, for example, it is acceptable to kill (and eat) the infant of another troop, but it is not acceptable to kill the infant of a member of your troop.

We see this same “morality” in the Old Testament. The Israelites did not allow the killing of infants among the Israelites, but killing the infants of their enemies was perfectly acceptable, and moral.

Animals studies indicate that many animal species, including humans, have rules of behavior (morals) for the herd, pack, or troop. This is a by product of evolution and natural selection. The herds in which individuals follow the rules of the herd (they look out for the well-being of others in the herd) are more likely to survive than herds in which everyone looks out for himself.

Morality is biology, not theology.

I condemn the immorality of your (imaginary) god by the moral standards of my “herd”.

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