The Most Immoral Passage in the Bible

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When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do. If she does not please her master, who designated her for himself, then he shall let her be redeemed; he shall have no right to sell her to a foreign people, since he has dealt unfairly with her. —Exodus 21:7-8


Some readers may wonder why I have identified this passage as the most immoral passage in the Bible when there are other passages in which the Judeo-Christian god orders entire nations—men, women, children, infants—to be slaughtered.  The reason I have chosen this passage as the most immoral is because there is no rationalization (that I can think of, at least) which excuses the immorality of Yahweh/Jehovah in giving this “law” to his followers.  Christians are famous for coming up with all sorts of rationalizations for why it was moral and justified for their god to do some of the most horrific acts recorded in human history, such as multiple instances of the Judeo-Christian god ordering the slaughter of thousands of little children in the Old Testament.  Here are a few of those rationalizations:

“The one time slaughter of heathen infants prevented even more heathen children, generation after generation, from being murdered in the child sacrifice rituals which were rampant among the heathen peoples living in Canaan.  It is better that a few children die than that many children die.  God was merciful.”

Here is another:

“The slaughtered children would go to heaven as they had not yet reached the Age of Accountability.  If they had been allowed to grow up, they surely would have been non-believers as adults and would have spent eternity in hell when they died.  God was merciful in providing a means for their salvation (by having them chopped to pieces by the swords of his chosen people).  We must always remember, ‘Our ways are not His ways’.”

But what about the morality of Yahweh/Jehovah giving permission to Israelite fathers to sell their daughters to other men as sex slaves?  What moral justification can Christians conjure up to justify the forced rape of young girls and women?  Notice, it isn’t just “disobedient” daughters who could be sold into sexual slavery.  There are no stipulations, folks (Except that if the buyer of the sex-slave daughter is not pleased with her services, he is required to give her father first dibs to buy her back!).

If Dad is hard up financially, or wants to purchase a new ox-cart, he can sell off lil’ Jenny to some old pervert for some hard cash!


How can any Christian condone the behavior of this immoral monster whom they address as “Our Father…”?

7 thoughts on “The Most Immoral Passage in the Bible

  1. There is a special kind of irony involved when somebody who believes they evolved from pond scum over the course of billions of years wants to talk about “morality” rather than “survival of the fittest.” The point being, you seem to think you have transcended your animal-ness to become a moral entity. It has to be a miracle! But I digress.

    One answer to your rhetorical question is that slavery was widely practiced in the ancient world. The children of Israel had been slaves in Egypt. You would think they had learned an immense lesson from their own bondage to Egypt, but they did not. The story of Israel is that of a people who, although chosen by God to reveal Him to the nations, refused to obey God and they consistently went “whoring” after other Gods and desired to be like the ungodly. There are plenty of examples of this, they took among themselves the women of foreign nations as their wives against the express commandment of God not to do so. They adopted the gods of other nations against God’s command. When they cried out for divorce, Moses made a way for them to do so, but that was only due to the hardness of their hearts. When the children of Israel rejected God as their king and demanded one from among them, God gave them Saul. Slavery is yet one more example where God tolerates the rebellion within the hearts of the people of Israel to own other people. God allowed for Israel to take slaves and issues laws on how to protect the slaves in Israel’s possession. It isn’t pretty and shows the depravity of the human condition.

    A couple points have to be raised against your insistence that “sexual slaves” is the purpose of the sale of the disobedient daughters. Nowhere in the text does it tell us they are being sold as sex slaves. That is your assumption. There were several positions female slaves could hold in a household ranging from serving the household’s mistress in doing daily chores, being a nurse, and yes, becoming a concubine. Your error is to just assume without any evidence that the women being sold off were to become sex slaves.

    You have also made some pretty far-flung assumptions about your ability to judge God. You think of yourself as being above God. Surely you can do a better job at being moral right? As you support abortion, divorce, homosexuality, transgenderism, and who knows what else. Obviously you are in a position to judge a holy God and shake your scrawny little doctor’s fist at him, demanding He answer to your grand morality. I do not think so. God does not owe you a thing. Keep shaking that fist in the air, though. I am sure you have impressed God.


    1. Your (imaginary) god is NOT holy, John, and your rationalizations are very disturbing.

      Wake up. Your belief system is based on an ancient, immoral superstition.


  2. John –

    Rationality falls upon deaf ears here.

    As it was in the beginning is now, and apparently – ever shall be.

    I don’t even try anymore.


    1. Believing that this incredible, complicated universe was created by the same being who told the ancient Hebrews that he had created a solid dome (firmament) above the earth is what is NOT rational.

      As far as how humans got here, evolution actually makes a lot of sense if you take the time to read about it. And as far as the origin of the universe, scientists are still working on that one. At the moment, scientists have not reached a conclusion, but let’s not jump the gun and say “a god did it” until we have more evidence.


      1. Evolution doesn’t make any sense at all! Do you have your head in the sand? You hate God so much that you can not possibly accept intelligent design. My goodness! You have become such a reprobate that you can not even acknowledge that there is a creator!


        1. READ some books on evolution. You may be very intelligent but you are obviously uninformed on this topic. Evolution makes perfect sense when you understand it. Humans did not develop from “pond scum” by random chance. We developed from “pond scum” by natural selection. There is MASSIVE evidence to prove this fact…if you will only read it.


  3. Hilarious. The painting in this article is of Arab Slave traders with a European woman they’ve kidnapped, possibly a Christian woman.


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