Christian Minister Explains why he Deconverted from Christianity

I was once a Fundamentalist Christian minister whom had no clue how Evolution worked. I read only the Bible and Christian writings and avoided any books written by actual Evolutionists. However, once I challenged myself to prove my beliefs once and for all I had to look at what both sides had to say regarding the matter. In time and with much research the evidence pointed in the direction of the Bible being not literally true and also a synchronous study in The Problem of Evil also showed me that the god of the Bible (even if it were real) was not at all omnibenevolent. I rejected the faith eventually as I saw it as neither true nor useful and became an atheist cherishing actual education, logic, science, humanism, critical thinking, and skepticism.

When I was a Christian I actively avoided having conversations with Evolutionists (as well as unbelievers) and I only sought information that confirmed my previously held beliefs…at the time I knew nothing of Confirmation Bias but I was a living example of it!

Early into my research it was so hard to read from those that opposed my views. I read it and would cringe, but it stayed in my mind and little by little it took hold and I had to think about it. Critical Thinking was discouraged in my brand of Christianity…it could lead to doubt and doubt was bad! But once doubts took root it pushed out the irrationality of faith.

Evidence started to matter to me and all I wanted to do was follow the evidence and it just so happened to lead me out of Christianity.

—JEK in Texas

(Copied from Debunking Christianity)


2 thoughts on “Christian Minister Explains why he Deconverted from Christianity

  1. Gary –

    Pax Christi –

    Hope and pray all is well with you and yours. Hanging out and chilling after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist late this morning . . .

    This guy’s confession of conversion (de-conversion is a contrived term), is much like your own. He admits he was a fundamentalist, not a critical thinker, nor one who could process paradox. Be that as it may –

    This is a piece that might be worth your while to read . . . Pax – jb


    1. I’ll consider reading your article, JB, when you admit that you are the quintessential Christian fundamentalist. Your entire belief system is based on the circular argument that the Bible is true because the Bible says it is true, objective evidence be damned.

      You of all people have no business “throwing stones” at this man’s life experiences. Nothing in your religious belief system requires critical thinking, JB. Nothing. You never have to THINK about your beliefs; you have said yourself that your belief system is based on “faith”, not on objective facts. Faith does not require thinking, it only requires rote obedience. Defending your belief system is very simple: circular reasoning combined with a conversation style that attempts to shut up and shut down your opponent with verbal bullying.

      It’s disgusting.

      That said, I do hope that you are well, JB.


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