How to Prove Christianity False in Five Minutes

I believe that traditional Christianity can be proven false in five minutes by knocking out the three pillars of the Christian Faith (belief system):

  1.  The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
  2.  The Accuracy of Old Testament Prophecy
  3.  The Witness of the Holy Spirit

And here is the evidence that destroys these three superstition-based claims:

  1.  Based on cumulative human experience, it is much more probable that the early Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus was due to one disciple’s bereavement hallucination (probably Simon Peter’s) than a once in history reanimation of a three-day-brain-dead corpse.  Persons who experience hallucinations believe them to be real life experiences.  If Paul was able to convince first century Jews in Asia Minor that he had seen a resurrected Jesus based on a “heavenly vision”, then Simon Peter was surely capable of convincing first century Jews (including the other disciples) in Palestine that he had seen the resurrected Jesus, even though his experience had really been an hallucination.  The remainder of the “appearances” of Jesus listed in the Early Creed of First Corinthians 15 could simply have been static images (illusions) something we see today with alleged group sightings of the Virgin Mary.  The Early Creed gives no details whatsoever of these appearances.  The detailed appearances in the four Gospels may well be literary embellishments, very common in Greco-Roman biographies, the genre of literature in which most New Testament scholars, including many conservative Christian scholars, believe the authors of the Gospels were writing.

2.  The Book of Daniel is a blatant fraud.  The book very accurately portrays the events in the Greek Empire down to abstract minutia but makes major errors regarding the Babylonian and Persian empires, the empires during which the book’s author infers the book was written.  Jesus quotes from this fraudulent book.  Jesus, who was not a scholar, was fooled by the author.  Modern scholars are not fooled.

3.  The “witness of the Holy Spirit” is a joke.  Christians can no more prove that the voice that allegedly speaks to them is their god than can the Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Jews, and others prove that the voice that speaks to them is their god.  Watch this powerful video for proof:


12 thoughts on “How to Prove Christianity False in Five Minutes

  1. How very sad that you have been so deluded.

    How on earth can a probability be evidence? I can look at the weather forecast and say that it will probably rain tomorrow but that is not evidence that it will rain tomorrow…

    May the Lord Jesus who created you bless you and open your eyes and heart to the only truth that we can rely on… The reward… eternal life with the Creator God…

    Or is life really that pointless and meaningless that we just die?


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Fairy tales about happily-ever afters sound wonderful but there is no good evidence that they are reality. I prefer to face the truth, no matter how cold and painful that truth might be.

      Jesus is dead. Brain-dead people do not come back to life. It is a medical fact.


      1. (From my book …)

        <b?What is Death?

        Death is defined as the complete and permanent cessation of all vital bodily functions (circulatory, respiratory, and brain). Within hours after death, rigor mortis sets in and various degenerative processes begin. There have been no reliable or scientific reports of anyone regaining their vital functions once they have totally ceased. Although there are various medical interventions in our modern-day society that can delay death, no such devices or methods existed in the first century. Conclusion: death is final and irreversible.


        1. Very true, Nan. Brain-dead people only come back to life in fairy tales, not in reality. We may very much wish they did, but wishing does not make it so.


    2. @ Andrew

      The reward… eternal life with the Creator God…

      I can’t see how this could be any sort of reward. However, I just might consider it. Can you tell me exactly what heaven is like and does he .. sorry … He have dibs on the TV remote?


  2. Dear All,

    Sadly for many reality will hit too late.

    You are viewing death purely from a human standing. Jesus is God the Creator and only took the role of a human being in order to pay the price for sin. This He did out of pure love, a love that for most of us is sadly illusive.

    True Christians live to love and serve others following the actions of Jesus when He became a man. Sadly there are millions who muddy the water with false faith and erroneous lifestyles under the banner of Christianity.

    If am wrong and you are right nothing changes, but if I am right then the afterlife is going to be a lamentable experience.

    And how sad that you all seem to think that death (as the world knows it) is all there is… What a waste…

    I pray that you will all come to know the Creator God who created you out of love for the purpose of (true) love which is unconditional.


    1. Here we go again … the old “you better serve Jeebus OR ELSE!” threat …

      If am wrong and you are right nothing changes, but if I am right then the afterlife is going to be a lamentable experience.

      Somehow I don’t think Gary is worried. I know I’m not.


    2. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your comment. You said this:

      “If (I) am wrong and you are right nothing changes, but if I am right then the afterlife is going to be a lamentable experience.”

      You are correct. If I am wrong and you are right, I am going to suffer eternal torment in (the Christian) hell. But have you ever considered this fact: If Islam is right, and YOU are wrong, YOU are going to suffer eternal torment in (the Muslim) hell. And the same can be said about every other exclusivist religion, sect, and cult on the planet: If you are wrong, you are going to be punished, in some form, in the after-life, for not having joined this group.

      So there is no way to hedge your bets, Andrew. I do not believe that the evidence for Christianity is any better than the evidence for Islam. At least we know who wrote the Koran. For most of the books of the Bible, we have no idea who really wrote them.

      Have you studied, in depth, every other exclusivist religion, sect, and cult on the planet to make 100% sure that you have made the correct choice? What if being “one of the chosen” is not about YOU choosing, but about that particular god choosing you; and he/she/or it has not chosen you and you simply THINK you are “saved”? If one lives in the world of the supernatural, one cannot be sure that knowledge (educating yourself) is the key to knowing which religion is correct. All that is left for you, Andrew, is hope, or more accurately, wishful thinking.

      In my worldview, reason and science are the foundation to truth and knowledge. And by using reason and science I have concluded that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are simply human inventions based on ancient superstitions. So in order to prove me wrong, you will need to do more than try to frighten me with threats of eternal damnation. You will need to provide evidence that your specific god exists (Yahweh/Jesus the Christ), that he has the power the Bible says he does, and that the Bible really speaks for him. Are you willing to do that? If so, please begin by proving to me the existence of the ancient Hebrew god, Yahweh (specific evidence for Yahweh, not just a generic Creator).

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    3. Hi Andrew,

      If Jesus is God, how is it that he did not know the day nor the hour when he would return? Apparently, only the other God, God the Father knows. Again, if only God the Father knows, then apparently the third God, God the Holy Spirit doesn’t know either. You might be forced into Trinity gobbledegook to try and justify you position.

      John Arthur


  3. Dear Gary,

    It is out of love that I have replied to you. Fear is something we create within ourselves, often through doubt and events that never actually happen. My aim is not to frighten you nor threaten you.

    The whole point is that Yahweh is the Creator and all around us is proof of that Creation. The complexity of the Earth, the human body and DNA (in particular) are undeniable proof that there is an intelleigent designer. Numerous scientists now agree with this. Some now accept the bibilcal explanation and some do not. Human theories, like evolution remain a theory which is not proof. We must have come from somewhere.

    Here is a good starting point for a look at your question. This article is titled Is There A God?

    Also, this site is loaded with intellectuals who can explain things from a scientific perspective way better than I can. Give it a go…

    Maybe they are all just wrong…

    I will continue to pray for you Gary… there is still hope.. Jesus Christ loves you and you cannot stop that…

    God bless


    1. I very much appreciate your concern, Andrew.

      However, please notice that you are directing me to sites that provide evidence for a Creator. I have never denied the existence of a Creator. I am very much aware that science has not proven the origin of the universe. Therefore since the “jury” is still out on this issue, I remain neutral on this issue. That is why I describe myself as an agnostic. I do not rule out any possible explanations, including the intelligent design of a Creator.

      That said, I do seriously doubt the existence of your god, Yahweh. Could you please provide evidence that specifically proves the existence of Yahweh?


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