The Book of Daniel is a Fraud. Jesus Didn’t Know That.

“The first 39 verses of Daniel chapter 11 have accurately described the events up to Maccabean times. However, the last 6 verses of the chapter are in error. They predict another attack from Egypt in which Antiochus IV will be victorious. It predicts that Antiochus will add Libya, Egypt, and Ethiopia to his realm. Alarming news will come from the East and the North and will cause him to set up his tent between the Mediterranean and Jerusalem where he will be supernaturally destroyed by God. After this happens, God’s everlasting kingdom is supposed to reign (Daniel 12).

In point of fact, Antiochus IV died in Persia, after an illness. This event took place somewhere between September and December in the year 164 BCE. The obvious reason that Daniel becomes inaccurate is that the author is actually making prophecies here. This allows accurate dating of the book of Daniel (or at least this section of it). Since the last of the accurate history ends with the temple desecrations which took place in 167 BCE and all “prophecies” after that are wrong, it is reasonable to conclude Daniel was written in 167 BCE.”  —New Testament scholar, Bart Ehrman


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