Stupid Americans!

I always hated hearing that statement about my country.  Usually it was some snobby Frenchman saying it.  Sometimes a German or an Italian.  Sometimes even a Brit.

Sure, there are some Americans who eat at McDonalds for every meal and think that Pennsylvania and Transylvania are neighboring countries, but most of us are not that ignorant and backward…are we? 

Our president, Donald Trump, just announced he will pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  The United States will join Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries on earth not participating in this accord, an agreement to limit green house gases which are destroying our planet.

Who elected this idiot?

Oh, yea.  Those stupid Americans!


One thought on “Stupid Americans!

  1. It keeps going from bad to worse. I guess when he finally counteracts everything Obama did, he’ll be happy. It’s pretty apparent to anyone who pays attention, that is his goal.

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