William Lane Craig Bombshell: Paul saw a Ghost on the Damascus Road!


“It is certainly true that as Luke describes it, the appearance [of Jesus] to Paul had  visionary elements.  For Jesus appeared as a light and voice from heaven, not as a man walking along the road. 

…what is a vision?  A vision is the projection of the mind of the beholder; there is nothing “out there” in the real world that corresponds to what he “sees”.  …But it is clear that Paul’s experience was not just a vision.  …Paul’s traveling companions also experienced the light and the voice.

Stephen saw a vision of Christ at the right hand of God, but no one around him saw anything.  That was a true vision.

According to Luke, the appearance to Paul was in fact different from the others [the other alleged witnesses to appearances of Jesus as listed in the Early Creed of First Corinthians chapter fifteen] because Paul’s was a post-ascension encounter.  That is to say, after appearing to his disciples and others for some forty days, Jesus physically left this universe or dimension.  He will come again at the end of history.  Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit acts in his place.  Therefore, the appearance to Paul could not have been physical like the others; it had to be in some sense visionary.  But it was not merely visionary, for it had real manifestations in the world “out there”, namely, the light and the voice.”

              —William Lane Craig, The Son Rises, pp. 109-110

Gary:  What does not have a physical body but can present itself in forms or “manifestations” of lights and voices?

Answer:  A GHOST!

My, my, my.  Paul is the only confirmed eyewitness Christians have who claims to have “seen” the resurrected Jesus and William Lane Craig has just admitted that all he saw was a ghost!


One thought on “William Lane Craig Bombshell: Paul saw a Ghost on the Damascus Road!

  1. It is very important to actually catch this slippery eel as a great many people put so much stock in Craig, when in truth he is little more than a conniving Dipshit.

    Licona is similar.
    And Craig defended Mike when he declared the risen saints at the crucifiction should not be read as literal – Geisler was not a happy chappy when he read that!

    Funny how they can justify the ”saints”episode as analogous but are adamant that Jesus of Nowhere actually rose from the dead.
    Disgusting hypocrites one and all. There is no way they haven’t realised by now that they are simply peddling bullshit.
    I for one appreciate your efforts in this regard , Gary. To plow through all this must,at times, be a mind-numbing exercise, and not one I could undertake.
    Kudos, my friend for your resilience!


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