William Lane Craig using poor Logic by Begging the Question

“The fact that the graveclothes [of Jesus] were found in the tomb precludes theft of the body.  Remember that when the disciples investigated the tomb they found the graveclothes lying in the tomb.  …no would-be robber would unwrap and untie a corpse and carry off the body, naked, and limbs dangling.  Therefore, the small detail about the graveclothes shows that the empty tomb cannot be explained by robbery.” 

William Lane Craig, The Son Rises, pp. 86,87

Yes, and the fact that Achilles was only killed when someone shot him with an arrow into the tendon attached to his heel is proof that he was a demi-god.  Remember, this is what the tale about the Trojan Wars written by Homer says…so it must be historical fact.

Come on, WLC.  The entire point of your book is the reliability of the Gospels.  Yet you are using unproven claims in those very documents as “facts” in an attempt to prove other claims in those documents as “facts”.  Get serious.


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