Review of “The Son Rises” by William Lane Craig, Chapter 3: The Empty Tomb. Assumptions, Conjecture, Exaggeration…and Lies, Part 3

“Even the most skeptical scholars acknowledge that Joseph [of Arimathea] was probably the genuine, historical individual who buried Jesus, since it is unlikely that early Christian believers would invent an individual, give him a name and nearby town of origin, and place that fictional character on the historical council of the Sanhedrin, whose members were well known.”

—-William Lane Craig, “The Son Rises”, p. 53

Gary:  What???

Even the most skeptical scholars accept the probable historicity of Joseph of Arimathea and his burial of Jesus?  What is William Lane Craig smoking???  There are a number of scholars who question the historicity of Joseph of Arimathea.  These are the kinds of outrageous exaggerations versus bald-face lies that cause many informed skeptics to have little respect for WLC.



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