United Airlines and Customer Service

This post is way off my normal subject matter but I found the video of a bloodied United airlines passenger being dragged off a United plane simply for refusing to give up his seat due to an overbooked flight absolutely outrageous.  If I understand the story correctly, the flight was overbooked and United needed some of the passenger-occupied seats for a couple of their employees.  United offered some vouchers (valued at $800, I believe) but there were no takers.  So United selected passengers at random and told them they MUST give up their seats.

Whatever happened to “sweetening the pot”?  Why not offer vouchers of more value, and if that fails, offer cash?  Give me $2,000 cash and I’ll give up my seat.  But no, United was too cheap to do that.  They preferred forcing some poor guy to give up his paid seat and wait for a flight on the next day.

Now United is dealing with ultimate PR nightmare!

How many MILLIONS of dollars did this little error in customer service cost you, United?

Good grief.

I for one am cancelling my United Sky miles card.  Any company with that kind of obnoxious arrogance does not deserve my business.


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