Review of “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” by Habermas and Licona, Chapter 11, Part B: Evidence for Intelligent Design, and, Evidence for a Generic Creator is not Necessarily Evidence for Yahweh

“The constants in our universe are more at home in a designed universe than in one that exists by chance.  If an intelligent Designer created the universe, we expect such a balance of forces.  On the other hand, if the universe is the result of undirected natural processes, the odds that it will possess such a strong appearance of design are incomprehensibly unlikely.  Thus, the most reasonable explanation for the appearance of design in the universe is that an intelligent Designer exists.  While it is admitted that this does not conclusively prove the existence of God, it is certainly a “face-card” in the hand dealt to the one who believes that God exists.”  —Habermas and Licona, p. 178

Gary:  During the last 2,000 years, whenever science has been unable to explain a natural phenomenon, Christians have pounced and claimed, “It’s God!”.  This was the explanation, for example, for lightening and meteors.  We now know differently.  I suggest that we hold our judgment regarding the origin of the universe.  We may one day find out that just as with lightening and meteors, there is a very natural explanation for the origin of the universe.

“Keep in mind that the above arguments for God do not prove the Christian God.  However, the Creator is strikingly consistent with him.”  —Habermas and Licona, p. 181

Gary:  Amen to the first sentence!  But the second sentence?  Really?  Please tell me how.

You just got done telling us that the inviolable laws of nature prove the existence of an intelligent Designer.  Yet the Christian god, Yahweh, is alleged to frequently violate those inviolable laws.  You just quoted the scientific consensus that the universe began with a Big Bang but that is not how the Christian god, Yahweh, says that he created the universe  (Read Genesis chapter 1 and 2).  The Creator god seems indifferent to (or enjoys) human suffering, whereas Yahweh claims to be merciful and compassionate.  The Creator God, if he exists, has created a very scientifically complex universe, whereas Yahweh seems very ignorant of science.  After all, he believes that a dome, a “firmament”, sits above the earth.

No, if a Creator exists, he could not be the Christian god, Yahweh.

“It is Jesus’ resurrection that reveals that the God apparently disclosed by the philosophical and scientific arguments above is the Christian God.”  —Habermas and Licona, p. 181

Gary:  That’s right.  The Resurrection of Jesus proves that Yahweh is the Creator God.  And it is the presumed existence of Yahweh as the Creator God that allows Christians to assume that a supernatural reanimation of a dead corpse (resurrection) is a more probable explanation for the early Christian resurrection belief than numerous, naturalistic explanations.

This is the logical fallacy of “Begging the Question”.


One thought on “Review of “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” by Habermas and Licona, Chapter 11, Part B: Evidence for Intelligent Design, and, Evidence for a Generic Creator is not Necessarily Evidence for Yahweh

  1. Well, I think some of these concerns are intertwined in what people might feel concerning the intent and nature of the Scripture. If we believe that the Bible is inerrant, and meant to give a modern day scientific account of cosmology and human origin, I can see at least part of your point.

    On the other hand, if we think that God’s revelation as well as our understanding of His nature is progressive, and in part conditioned by human perception and the culture of the time that changes the conclusion in my mind.

    I mean, humanly speaking, if I somehow wanted to communicate to ancient, pre-scientific, primitive people the concept of God creating the universe from nothing via something like a Big Bang, I could do a lot worse than Genesis One..IMO. 🙂 It’s a huge step up from the Gilgamesh Epic.


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