Gary, You have not read enough Scholarship to know what you are talking about.

If you are going to criticize a belief system then you had better know what that belief system teaches.

I have been accused by several Christians since my deconversion, including my former pastor, of not having a broad enough knowledge of Christian scholarship to be qualified to question the veracity of the orthodox Christian belief system.  I am currently in the process of rectifying that situation.  Below are the Christian works I have read.”

  1. “The Resurrection of the Son of God” by NT Wright
  2. “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses” by Richard Bauckham
  3.  “Making the Case for Christianity” by Maas, Francisco, and others
  4. ” The Resurrection Fact” by Bombaro, Francisco, and others
  5. “Miracles” Volume 1 by Craig Keener
  6. “The Argument for the Holy Sepulchre” (a journal article) by scholar Jerome Murphy-O’Connor
  7. Israel in Egypt” by James Hoffmeier
  8. The Resurrection of Jesus in the Light of Jewish Burial Practices” by Craig Evans, (newsletter article) The City, a publication of Houston Baptist University, May 4, 2016
  9. “Has the Tomb of Jesus Been Discovered?” by Jodi Magness,  SBL Forum , n.p. [cited Feb 2007]. Online:
  10. “GENRE, SUB-GENRE AND QUESTIONS OF AUDIENCE: A PROPOSEDTYPOLOGY FOR GRECO-ROMAN BIOGRAPHY” (journal article), Justin M. Smith, St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

The next book I intend to read (and review on this blog) is:

“The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” by Gary Habermas and Mike Licona

9 thoughts on “Gary, You have not read enough Scholarship to know what you are talking about.

  1. If you get a chance, I would also recommend reading some stuff by John Polkinghorne who is an English particle physicist, and also an Anglican priest.

    Recently, I”ve also been reading Michael Hardin’s “The Jesus Driven Life.” Michael is an independent scholar who is very much into peace theology, and Biblical interpretation through the lens of non-violence, and the love of neighbor and enemy ethic of Jesus. He contends that Jesus “cherry picked” the Scripture in this regard, and so should we.

    It’s pretty thought provoking, and I’m still processing all this in my own mind.


  2. I received this email regarding the above post:

    I always find it interesting how the religious praise small children for making their commitments to god (as if they understand what they’re doing), then turn around and tell logical people that they “haven’t read enough to truly understand.” So – which is it? If someone needs to read books, then children should not be making any life decisions without first reading these books.

    And do they really believe that all religious folk today have read all of these “sophisticated theologians” (borrowed from Jerry Coyne)? If not, then shouldn’t they require it of their own congregation members?

    In essence, it’s a way to comfort themselves inside of their bubbles. No matter what, there is no subject (god) to tell anyone different. To borrow from Sam Harris, they are all “playing tennis without a net.” If all it takes is to read scholarship then I would expect that all of those who have read the “scholarly books” would come to agreement. Yet they don’t. But somehow they believe they have the “one true answer”.

    Keep up the good fight against the lunacy.

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      1. You know him well. I don’t think he will mind me giving just his first name…Nate.

        The comment is so incredibly good, I am going to ask Nate if I can post it as a post of it’s own, crediting him.

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          1. I was just notified by “Nate” that he is not the Nate I thought he was. He is not “Nate of Finding Truth Blog”. Oops.
            It is still a great comment!


            1. Wow! That sure came from left field! But yes, it’s still a great perspective. Hope this person doesn’t limit his future comments to emails.


  3. I though one only had to read the bible to realise that it was all nonsense? 🙂

    Or do these fundamentalist half-wits still truly believe there is a way to figure out how to be at peace with their meglomaniacal capricious god?
    They really make me laugh sometimes.


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