The Failed Prophecy of the Destruction of Tyre

If Christians fail to convince you of the historicity of the Resurrection, they will often fall back on other historical claims to validate their belief in the Resurrection, namely…fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament.  However, the skeptic need only demonstrate one failed prophecy to cast serious doubt on the historicity of all the other alleged prophecies.  One obvious failed prophecy is Ezekiel’s prediction that Nebuchadnezzar would utterly destroy the city of Tyre and that the city would never be rebuilt.

Nebuchadnezzar never destroyed Tyre. 

The city of Tyre exists to this day.

Christian apologists will twist themselves into pretzels to rationalize the failure of their god to correctly predict the future regarding the city of Tyre, but their rationalizations are obvious, silly spin.  For an excellent discussion regarding this failed prophecy, read this article:


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