Trump at Gettysburg

I found Donald Trump’s visit to Gettysburg quite ironic.  I suppose the purpose of the visit was to show how certain events in the history of America have dramatically changed our common destiny—subtly suggesting that his candidacy is such a pivotal event.

I heard a Fox News reporter describe the Trump visit with all kinds of patriotic imagery, comparing Trump to the Union commander who held firm against the enemy’s “swinging gate” offensive maneuver near Little Round Top; an act which many historians believe won the battle for the Union.

But who was the “enemy” in this great American battle?

Answer:  Southerners!

Who is Donald Trump’s base?

Answer:  Southerners!

Very ironic indeed.



6 thoughts on “Trump at Gettysburg

  1. Now, Gary . . .

    Did the Holy Spirit take pity on you and give you a special revelation? Southerners? Trump’s base?

    If not a special revelation, where did you get THAT ludicrous idea. Southerners are his base. Hmmmm . . .

    I believe you would have him and his whole campaign scratching their heads and chuckling – wondering how you came up with that one I mean, that’s just downright funny, not to mention ill-formed.

    You really need new sources!

    Pax – pb


  2. “But there is another way of looking at Trump: Far from being a “cancer” on Republicanism, or some jihadi-style radicalizer, he’s the natural evolutionary product of Republican platforms and strategies that stretch back to the very origins of modern conservatism in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Polling in South Carolina, which holds its Republican primary on Saturday, reveals the single most salient difference between Trump’s supporters and those of his rivals: They are much more likely to endorse white ethnic nationalism and to express nostalgia for traditional Southern racism. In light of this polling, Trump’s campaign can best be understood not as an outlier but as the latest manifestation of the Southern Strategy, which the Republican Party has deployed for a half-century to shore up its support in the old Confederate states by appeals to racial resentment and white solidarity.”

    —The New Republic, February 18, 2016


  3. Readers: Go to any political polling site and look at their prediction map for the 2016 Presidential election. What stands out: the Old North is almost entirely blue (Democrat); the Old South is almost entirely red (Republican).

    The South has become not only Donald Trump’s base, it has become the base of the Republican party.

    Abe Lincoln must be rolling in his grave.


  4. Nonsupernaturalist –

    Can your give me the number of whoever supplies you with the dope you smoke. Seriously, that’s gotta be some really good shit!

    You could try RCP – Real Clear Politics – which examines ALL polls and votes and whatever. Completely non partisan! The electoral map hardly looks like the wishful thinking you described. Google Prof. Norpoth, who rather than depend on only numbers of various dubious polls, almost destroys you and Gary and the “facts”?, you both are rather – ironically are referring to. He has long been the most accurate there is (re: 1912!) Investor’s Business Daily – who’s lifeblood is conditioned on getting it right, has Trump up almost everywhere. Rasmussen is almost as good, and I cannot explain the objectivity of the LA TImes – an MSM creature, but that is what it is, and not much in Hillary’s favor and i8t certainly does not agree with your assessment or Gary;’ portrayal of matters – all of which seem to prefer the inventions and wishful thinking of the rest of the MSM.

    Where you all stand is hardly a secret, but why in heckers Mr. em>Objective Facts himself, is falling for the crap of the MSM is beyond me, although it does have the Illogic of which I have warned Gary MANY times in the past.

    I would think with such strong opinions, the two of you would have done FAR better research.. Your call to continue with what you think – it’s all rather charismatic and all those things Gary says he wishes are not what he seems to desire. It boils down to it – it seems some sort of special spirit seems to be informing the two of you, since most obviously, the facts will the words of either of you. Could it be??? The Holy Spirit whispering to you in His small, still voice?

    Gary, your are the one preaching “objective facts!” Well – bring ’em Dude!

    Neither of you has yet!

    Smile and – a wink – Pax – pb


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