Why are the Purveyors of Morality supporting Donald Trump?

It puzzles me why so many devout, evangelical Christians are supporting Donald Trump.  The man is as immoral as they come.  He is narcissistic and abusive to any one who dares oppose him or stands in his way.  His treatment of women is disgusting and highly immoral, by any standard…other than his own.  Yet the heir to the Moral Majority, the son of Jerry Falwell, and many other evangelical pastors, have been urging devout, moral, conservative Christians to vote for Trump for months.

“But Clinton supports abortion!  Which is worse:  groping a couple of women or murdering hundreds of thousands of babies?  Trump is the lesser of two evils!” I have heard evangelicals say.

Not so fast.  Reverend Falwell and many other evangelical pastors endorsed Trump early in the primaries, when there were still many other anti-abortion Republican candidates to choose from.  So why did they choose Trump over anti-abortion candidates such as Rubio and Bush?  Answer:  Because Trump was going to drive the Muslim hordes out of America!  That’s why.

The evangelical Christian decision to support Donald Trump for President of the United States was based on hate not on Trump’s opposition to abortion.

Jesus must be rolling over in his grave.


2 thoughts on “Why are the Purveyors of Morality supporting Donald Trump?

  1. Maybe Trump rigged it from the very beginning? 🙄

    I was talking with a Catholic friend (Democrat) from the U.S. yesterday. She thinks it is a one issue election. Abortion. All about appointing pro-life Supreme Court judges. But again, wouldn’t the other Republican candidates also nominate pro-life judges? I will be sure should the topic come up again to ask her about that. Interesting.


    1. You are absolutely right, Zoe. Rubio and Bush would have appointed anti-abortion Supreme Court justices, so evangelicals can’t use that as their excuse for supporting Trump from the beginning.

      Falwell and company supported Trump because he was anti-immigrant (Mexicans and Muslims). I bet Jesus would be very ashamed and angered by the behavior of his modern-day disciples.


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