Hello Readers of Escaping Christian Fundamentalism/ Lutherwasnotbornagain.com

Well, at the last minute, I decided to move my blog from Google Blogger to WordPress but I may not have done it in time to save my previous posts from the last three years.  I thought I had moved them into a file on my computer prior to Google turning off my blog, but I am having trouble locating the file.  Hopefully, I will find it.  If not, I will have to start from scratch.

So…here I am.  I don’t really have a topic to discuss at the moment, but you know me.  Something will come up and trigger my desire to blog about it.

One reason why I decided not to give up blogging completely is that I want to review a new book on the Resurrection and the evidence that supports Christianity, written by my former LCMS pastor, John Bombaro, which should be “out” sometime this Fall.  Pastor Bombaro is a very intelligent, knowledgeable theologian so I look forward to reading what he has to say on this subject.


14 thoughts on “Hello Readers of Escaping Christian Fundamentalism/ Lutherwasnotbornagain.com

    1. Hey sgl! Long time no hear. I hope you are doing well. I found the missing file with all my posts from Google Blogger and they seem to be uploading, but thanks for the tip.

      Dear you ever hear from DagoodS? His blog has been inactive for several years now.


      1. i’m fine. quite some months ago i left a comment or two on your blog that got eaten, so i stopped trying to comment after that. still post on bruce’s blog here and there, and even doing a series of guest posts.

        never contacted dagoods except via public comments on his blog, so no inside scoop, but sounds like zoe keeps in contact with him.

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  1. Dear Readers: I am learning my way around WordPress. Some recent comments have gone to “moderation” and even to “spam” that should not have. I want my readers to be able to comment without moderation (unless they use really profane language which the filters will automatically shoot to spam). Hopefully I have turned off “moderation” correctly this afternoon, but please be patient as I learn the WordPress “ropes”.


  2. Gary –

    New site looks good, and I think you’ll find WordPress much more to your liking.

    To answer your question straight up –

    Form almost the outset, it was clear Donald had a game plan, whereas the GOP just planned on Little Jebbie Bush to run away with things. He ran pretty quick from center stage to the out side spot before doing as his Mummy told him and dropping out.

    The 16 dwarves on stage really had noting to offer – for none of them showed the least bit of any intention to go after Hillary and the marxists. And despite his personal failings, they pale in comparison to Hillary’s muck and mess and criminality. Likewise, it was quite clear that he was willing to fight them on their terms, before he slowly turned it around and has the marxists in a dither and Hillary dang near on life support.

    Trump is the first “GOP’ candidate willing to go into the mud with the Dems, and beat them at their own game. Not since Reagan has any GOP’r shown that kind of fortitude. And, the GOP platform and Trump’s personal promise and his 100 day plan make it clear He stands for the life issue, and not some gross defense of partial-birth abortion Hillary treated America to in the debate. Only Cruz showed any moxie – but his brand – The Seven Mountains of Dominionism – is even worse than the fundamentalism under which you tried to endure!

    Trump is not a politician (yes, that shows), but God help us, he is not rank morlochian Hillary is.

    According the the proper understanding of the Two Kingdoms, Christian need not wait for an evangelical Christian to run for the Presidency. In fact, that would be far LESS preferable!

    Again – good looking site. Yeah, comments gave me fits trying to get this done, but you’ll work it out and like WordPress much more than Blogspot,

    Pax – pb


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