New Bible Trivia Game: Literal or Non-Literal

Image result for image of the world resting on top of four pillars

Moderate Christian:

I think that Genesis (chapters) 1-11 is myth. Technically myth doesn’t necessarily mean unhistorical, but I think there is very little history in 1-11.

…scholars think there was really a devastating local flood that triggered the Gilgamesh/Noah stories.  From then on (in the Old Testament) I think it is a mixture of history and legend/myth in proportions that I don’t think we can always know.

…God can reveal through myth (just like parable) and these are God-inspired myths.


It is funny how over the course of history the Bible has been interpreted literally on many subjects until the scientific, archeological, anthropological, geological, etc., evidence becomes so overwhelming that Christians suddenly “discover” that God never meant THAT passage literally: the previous several millennia of believers who had interpreted it literally had been mistaken.  God is never wrong, of course.

-The earth was created in six, literal days—non-literal

 -There is a firmament above the earth holding up the stars—non-literal

 -The earth sits on four pillars—non-literal

 -A Flood that covers the tallest mountains on earth—non-literal

 -Two (sometimes) six of every species were saved from extinction by riding out the Flood in one big boat—non-literal.

 -The origin of the world’s many languages comes from an act of God at the Tower of Babel—non-literal

 -Many thousands if not millions of Hebrews fled Egypt in one great Exodus and crossed the dry bed of a parted sea—non-literal

 -Many thousands if not millions of Hebrews wandered in the Sinai for forty years and conquered Canaan—non-literal


-a virgin is impregnated by an invisible ghost—literal
-a god/man walks on water in first century Palestine—literal
-a god/man, brain-dead for three days, walks out of his grave, chats up his former fishing buddies for forty days, and then flies off into outer space—literal

Come on, moderate Christians!  THINK!  Use your brains!  ALL these claims are non-literal! Stop the selective nonsense!


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