How Could Jesus be Sinless if his Mother was a Sinful Human?

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A skeptic on another blog asked:

Even if “The Holy Spirit” was Jesus’ father, wasn’t his mother, Mary a human being ?
Since all humans were born into sin , wasn’t Jesus a sinner too ?
During the enlightenment period when people were finally allowed to challenge scripture, and when science discovered the female wasn’t just an incubator but a 50% participant with her fertilized egg, isn’t this when the Church was forced to make up the concept of the Immaculate Conception ???
How do Christians explain this?
Here is how one Protestant Christian website answers this question:
There are several popular responses to this (basic arguments given below) that show there is no contradiction within Scripture:
  1. Father’ line: Jesus inherited genetic material from Mary (to be fully human, i.e., descendant of Adam to become the Last Adam) but not from Joseph, therefore, original sin must pass through the father to the offspring. This allows Jesus to avoid original sin.
  2. Sin nature is not sin: the terms “sin nature” or “original sin” are not found in the Bible and are terms derived by humans when looking at certain passages. Sin nature is a tendency toward sin, not sin in and of itself. This avoids Jesus being a sinner.
  3. Sin nature passes spiritually: original sin is nonmaterial and doesn’t need to pass along to offspring via genetics. It is passed along spiritually by virtue that all are descendants of Adam. But God withheld original sin from entering Christ in the womb.

Gary:  the article then goes on to discuss the pros and cons of each possible resolution of this dilemma.  Here is the conclusion to the Christian article:

Conclusion: Mysteries belong to God

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law. (Deuteronomy 29:29)

In a discussion like this, it is good to keep in mind that there are many mysteries and secrets that belong to God. Even these explanations merely touch the surface and require years of research and books to cover this difficult topic. But the hope is that this short overview gives some food for thought.   But one lesson can be easily learned here: be wary of appealing solely to materialistic explanations in a world that is both spiritual and material.

Gary:  And there you have it!  If a teaching in the Bible appears to be proven false by modern biology and medical science one can always explain it away with…It’s a mystery of God!  How about just accepting the obvious that the first century Christians who invented these supernatural tales did not understand that a mother passes on genetic material to the baby as does the father.  The mother is not simply a receptacle for the male “seed”; a fertile garden (thus the term “barren” for a woman who could not conceive).

Yet more evidence that the Bible is full of ancient, scientifically ignorant, tall tales.


2 thoughts on “How Could Jesus be Sinless if his Mother was a Sinful Human?

  1. “If a teaching in the Bible appears to be proven false by modern biology and medical science…”. You've done no such thing. I missed the part where you provide any reason for anyone to think that modern biology and/or medical science has proven that Jesus isnt (or couldnt be) God in the flesh or how its impossible for Jesus to be born from a sinner and it be impossible for Him to be sinless.How science is even involved with the supernatural at all? Another fallacy is your apparent belief that science proves things. It doesnt.

    A sinner is a sinner because he/she sins. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus was tempted in every way we are and yet was without sin.



  2. Judaism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity (like the Greeks, Palestinian and Arab Christians, and Russians) does not teach that guilt of sin is passed down biologically. That is an Augustinian teaching and applies to the Catholic and Protestant churches.


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